Ouija problems

Anyone else having problems with solo ouija manipulation? I did this years ago with others and it worked as well or not as it ever seems too…Interesting but fairly innacurate mostly. For me anyway.I tried it alone previously and there was no movement of the planchette… Tried it again alone just now as part of the Mastering Omnipotence course as per advice from EA and guess what…The little mother wouldnt move again… I feel it needs more energy than one person - or at least this person!

Yeah, i had it too.
Im interested in awnsers also haha

Same here, Neo. Even as pre-teens, a friend of mine used to carry around scrabble pieces so he could set up a makeshift Ouija Board anywhere he wanted when visiting friends houses, etc.

This kid had exceptional ability at contact this way and I participated in many seances in this manner with the both of us or up to five other kids or even just me and a different friend, so I know with two people it works. We made some real contact, many times, however, when I tried to do this on my own a few years later… nothing! I tried but I just didn’t get anywhere with it so I picked up the pendulum instead.

It makes me think it may be energy related and perhaps those with greater access to energetic resources have an easier time with this solo. I really don’t know but I’d also love some answers. :wink:

Good Morn’in!! ~ I have some suggestions that will hopefully help you guys bust through this problem. …I’ve always had a certain affinity for Spirit Boards. Even though they are just one of the first stepping stones to truly mastering Divination, they are still powerful conduits when utilized correctly. I also personally prefer the Solo approach as well. ~ The first recommendation I’d like to make is get a quality board (it’s not absolutely necessary for results, but will be more conducive to attaining working results if you are having initial trouble). I recommend (as EA has) that you use a solid wood board, preferably Hazel wood. Besides what your board is made of, the most important thing in my opinion is, having minimal resistance in between the surface of your board, and contact with your planchette. The less resistance, and smoother the glide, …The Better!!
Now as far as the actual application with your board… First of all get relaxed, nice and relaxed, though whatever method works best for you. Next, sit back in a comfortable chair, and place your board on your lap (Maybe put something under your feet to elevate them a few inches, so the board doesn’t slide off your lap). Now place the planchette in front of you, in the center of the board, …and clear your mind of any thoughts or anxiety. After that, take your arms and fling them out to the sides a few times while flicking your wrists (like you are shaking off dripping wet hands) to shake out any tension. Now, …Lightly rest your first 2 fingers of each hand on the bottom 2 corners of the planchette (just lightly place your fingers on the planchette, not the weight of your hands, …you want the planchette to be able to glide, like a leaf floating on water.). The next step, is to address a spirit of the dead, or the Current of Omniscience itself, …and ask a Sincere question (…ask without anticipation of what the answer may be). Now at this point, what happens to me (and hopefully for you) is that while the fingers of my hands are resting on the planchette, I notice what feels like a pulling in my knuckles (like there are invisible strings tied to them and they are gracefully being pulled in a direction, like a marionette) …sometimes it’s a little tingling, but it’s a directional pulling in your hands / knuckles, and as your HANDS are going in whatever direction you feel them being pulled to, it’s your fingers that are dragging the planchette along for the ride!! (It’s not the planchette pulling, …the planchette is just pointer). At times, (since YOU are the conduit for this communication) you may be able to anticipate, what letter the planchette is being guided to sequentially in its response, or the all out answer itself before the spirit is finished. What you will also notice is that if you don’t let your hands go where they are being pulled to, and you try to coerce the answer, …you will find resistance.
…I hope this helps a bit to get things rolling for you guys! After a while you’ll find not only does it work Great by yourself, …but you can use it with one hand, and the planchette is flying with great speed to answer you! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay in replying Gozer its been a crazy week. Thanks man for such a full and comprehensive coverage of whats worked for you…I will give this some more time see where it goes. I actually used the back of a largish old map in a hardboard and wood frame using the smooth back of the map to draw out the letters and numbers. it is smooth but its not real solid wood. If you think that really helps I will go get a bit of smooth wood and try. I also had the ‘board’ on the floor in front of me but that put my arms at an angle on the board so I will try one on my lap to minimise the friction…

Ok…If I get success I will let you know!

I have found GOZER’s tips really good.

But as a method I don’t really like it, I find if I ask anything too complex I am getting random letters, also the answer tends to pop into my head as the planchet moves. E.A. did say this would happen and although it is probably a “better” outcome, its a bit frustrating because I just want to see it do its thing.

Not sure how important the wood is, I am using a bit of MDF.

The planchette is not going to ‘magically’ move on its own. Why do you think you need to put your fingers on it in the first place? Because, alone or in a group, the people touching it are physically moving it. 90% of the people doing this in groups aren’t contacting horseshit. And you know what else? You don’t even need that weak spirit you do contact to give you the answers to questions who can get yourself. That’s why this sort of divination is a gimmick and ultimately, beyond the beginner’s curiosity, a waste of time for the true magician.

True, but as a starter exercise its priceless. The first rung on the ladder so to speak, don’t you agree?

Yes, I think just as EA does about it.

If you wanna comunicate with a demon or a nether with an ouija, how do you know you won`t be talking to some random dead guy claiming to be him instead?

I wouldn’t use a ouija for contacting those types of entity

Why Soundwave? What about a pendulum?
I remember in one of his books he tells about some man he knew that has like 20 years of experience with spirits still he couldnt see them or hear them...EA said he scoffed him because he said the pendulum wouldnt move physically, but the “astral” pull was there…

Considering the power and knowledge possessed by “higher leveled” entities, the things that I am would be being taught and the tasks that I would be assigning would require a fair bit more communication that letter by letter spelling can provide, in my experiance, much advanced teaching is transmitted symbolically anyway which obviously won’t translate to a ouija.

I think if you are serious about working with spirits you will learn how to evoke and do it properly. Its worth the effort even though it does take some time to master

The fact that your fingers are moving the planchette is both a bounty and a bane. It is good in that it allows you to begin to directly access your subconscious mind, which can then allow you to access the subtle information that you are trying to contact. It is bad in that you can’t trust the messages, nor the messengers. This is why in the Mastering Divination Course, I tell you to learn how to do it, and quickly move on.

If you’re already getting the messages in your inner mind, then you can bypass using the physical board!


I decided to break mine out a few minutes ago for a little fun…it was pretty much the opposite of that. I kept getting jumbled letters and random words. I got the name of some friends kid a few times, the word ART a few times and Satan once or twice…lol

Hi guys, just working through E.A.'s program, and my results are exactly like this.

I seem to be able to get the planchette to move to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ pretty regularly, but when I ask a question or let it move on it’s own it appears my letter answers are pure garbeldy-gook.

Oh well, I’m going to do as E.A. instructs in the Mastering Divination course, use it for 5 days, then move on.

Great forum here BTW, I’m sure I’ll be chiming in more as I work through the program.

Ive tried it 3 times so far and other than a spirit in my house saying theyve been here for 58 years, Ive gotten only gibberish. I get way better results from straight-up channeling, but theres something curious about the board.

Ouija boards? Nah… Not my thing. Probably excellent though if it’s the very first experiment you do.

Try pendulum if you’re alone doing this. David St. Claire’s talks about “table tipping”, and he says it’s more effective with at least 3 people, I guess with ouija it’s the same (more psychic energy)

I’ve done the 5 days of Ouija and I’m calling it quits. I think I got one decent response out of 100 questions :slight_smile: Perhaps you’re right and it works ‘better’ with more people, but I have no interest in doing that as the idiometer effect is too easily manipulated.

The pendulum is certainly giving me some interesting results, but I can’t be totally sure of it’s accuracy, as when I word or think of a question in a certain manner it may sometimes give me a different result (I hope this makes sense). Perhaps when I become more attuned to the spirit world (Universal Consciousness) I’ll make more use of it in the ways E.A. suggests.

As for the automatic writing, I got my first letter! Just one after a half hour of meditation (I practice Zazen, so I thought this would be a good time to implement my breathing techniques). A nice looking ‘W’ appeared on the paper, hurray for me!

I think this was great step for a beginner like myself to know that I could tap into a larger universe, as small as a step as it may have been.

I’ll be moving on to the next part of the course, if it’s as instructive and informative as this part has been, I’m sure I’ll be pleased :slight_smile:

If any of you reading this haven’t ordered the Mastering Divination course, what the hell are you waiting for?