Ouija board

In one of EAs videos he says th hat a Ouija board is a legitimate divination tool. In another he says that it is too easy for random spirits to be brought in. Can I be used to contact demons like azazel?


Yes,you can draw Azazel’s sigil on the Ouija Board and then open it and summon Azazel.But even then,you struggle with skepticism,and the feelings that your own thoughts altering the result of the divination session.

Despite contacting very real spirits,most of the time that is,the Ouija Board is still considered ideometer effect,because it is using subtle muscle spasms performed by the body,in accordment with a higher will to move the planchette and receive answers.

So Ouija Boards may look all mystical,but believe it or not,they’re easier to manipulate and alter than thought impressions received when channeling!

Plus,like EA said,it opens up to the possibility of summoning some entity that names itself Azazel,that’s not Azazel,but an impostor,and that will simply keep you stagnating.

JMO.I’m not good with Ouija boards.The only time I ever used one,I failed miserably becasue my clairaudience got in the way.

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I use mine to stay in touch with the old gang.

A giant rubber dildo could be a legitimate divination tool, as long as it has a coherent system supporting it’s use. That’s the appeal of the ouija board, you don’t need to make a system to support it, you already know it, already have it.

Unfortunately, the system’s picked up a lot of baggage over the years, like that open doorway meme. Sure, it could happen, but that’s just clumsy sorcery or people who don’t know what they’re doing.

Even if something does follow you through, the only way the can manifest anything here is by using your latent magical abilities. Consider it a demonstration of what you’re capable of.

Well, The Cusp, at this point I am nothing more than a clumsy sorcerer at best, hehe.

On a serious note, do you mean to say that a being that comes through with a Ouija board is somehow limited in a way that they are not limited when you evoke them?

Nah, all the same. I’m fairly certain they are limited to puppeting our magical talents.

So why would I call them if it is my abilities in the first place? We can’t achieve anything greater with their help? In all due respect, this notion makes me want to just spend my time learning real world skills instead of magick.

Same reason athletes have coaches who know more about the sport than they do. THey can get you to do things you didn’t know you were capable of.


You know I’m not being rude and I’m very much into supporting people to explore magick, but all these questions you ask, it looks to me like you’re looking for a reason to do just that - give it up as a waste of time.

I know with myself I can do things from motivations I’m not consciously aware of, because underneath my conscious mind’s concepts I actually believe something that contradicts what I’m trying to do - David Neagle calls it a “values clash” and it will mess up all sorts of things you THINK you want.

Why don’t you take a total 14-day break from magick - forums, reading about it, thinking about it - and then see at the end of that “detox” whether there’s anything drawing you back?

I get the feeling you’re wasting your one and only precious life on here looking for either conclusive proof magick is real, totally external, and so on - or that it’s all enhanced mindgames, kinda NLP with a scary mask on.

And the thing is, my honest experience and that of a few other people is that we’re ultimately ALL “one with” the Source, which means to some extent not only magick, but everything else IS in our minds - or as Lon Milo DuQuette put it, “It’s all in your head …you just have no idea how big your head is”!

I want you to be happy and successful and ideally, of course, doing magick (because I think that’s the necessary next step of evolution) but I’m not sure that what you’re looking for - conclusive proof of this type - exists, so that’s why I propose you walk away long enough to lose the habit of being interested (delete your bookmarks, passwords etc., hide any books or gear) and then see what calls to you at the end of that period.

It may be that you’ve enjoyed not thinking about it, found it a relief to stop doing something you find hard to believe in, and want to move into something else (there’s a large crossover between a lot of Law of Attraction stuff and simple psychology, or NLP) and if that’s the case, you’ll know you’ve avoided wasting more time - or, you may realise you really crave it, and decide to take a chance on just DOING some magick and not worrying about what’s “real” and what’s not?

Just a thought, I’m NOT telling you to clear off! :o) - it’s just that I sometimes find it hard to know when to stop chasing something up and I’ve found the 14-day habit-breaker usually tells me what has some value to me, and what’s just a mindless habit I’m wasting time on.

Good luck whatever you do, including completely ignoring this suggestion! :wink:


I also think that, if one were to practice magic on a regular basis, one would gradually come to be able to sort out the difference between what they imagine to be real and what is actually real.

it’s probably confusing at first, what with thoughts constantly getting in the way of things; but this is the reason for learning to meditate. it helps the mind to become still and quiet and to dismiss the thoughts that would other wise keep coming before they’re even thought.

I would imagine (or think) that at some point, one would be very much able to tell the differences among thought, imagination and whether some thing is, in fact, real.

I would think one would get a feel for it if one practices long enough – just like, after a while you can tell the difference between that quiet sense of intuition about some thing that comes in the form of a thought or that voice in your head, and a thought of your own that comes along, which you may mistakenly take for intuition.

any way, those are my thoughts (and imaginings?) on the subject. : )

I’ve found that the the more I “do,” the more boundaries get LESS clear! :slight_smile:

But whatever!