Ouija board tips/good deals

I would like to try Ouija since it always interested me, and I’m curious about this type of communication with the other world.We would like to know, if you have any tips on what to do/expect/not to do and if you knew some good deals to buy our first ouija board. Or is it possible to have a nice one, which isn’t really expensive. We’re waiting for your answers. Thanks a lot ! : )

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Here is my advice.

When using oujia without an established “spirit family” I’ll call it, attachments are bound to occur.

To prevent this, just soak your feet in salt water and do a cleansing visualization.

I perform an lbrp before we sit.

Next I close my eyes, open my third eye and call to the spirit.

The first thing I do when the spirit arrives is ask its intentions and attempt to verify. If a spirit declines any form of verification, banish it. It simply isnt worth the risk working with those sorts of spirits through a board.

If the planchette starts circling counter clockwise stop it, circle clockwise. And close the session with a banishing.

Very seldom do you encounter nasties through the board if you are calling to specific spirits and arent working with a shit ton of newbies. Their fear can attract some nasties.

Don’t forget to say goodbye. Some spirits will wanna talk more and if you don’t they might misbehave and try to get your attention. But just talk it out or banish. Ive only had one spirit attach to me for a prolonged period and ive used the board for years.

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I personally would NOT expect the planchette to move on it’s own, the ouija board to float in the air, objects to fly off the shelves on their own, doors to slam shut from unseen forces, lights to go on and off for no REAL reason, being thrown across the room by a Demon ( “good luck with that one” ), apparitions to appear to my physical eyes, etc.
If you do encounter any REAL entities, and they bother you, just tell them to go into jbkbmz. I take them.

Main thing I say, always go in with respect. Don’t view the board as a joke. If you get Zozo, read the room. Zozo will let you know if it’s him. He doesn’t indite fear, a lot of spirits use his name to get you to fear them.
Don’t ask for a specific spirit. While I love the board, I know many manipulative spirits will try to get you to trust them.
Don’t use it if you are sick, mentally or physically. Basically the same rules to use with any forms of communication.

Some criteria for seances, thus also ouija: place the table at the center of the room; if it is round and 3-legged (better), direct one of the legs (ideal triangle) towards you and sit with your back towards the appropriate cardinal point: north for gnomes, dead etc., south for Sun and Mars entities…