Ouija board creating

It is good when i would create a Ouija board on a paper for printers??? Will it work??

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Anyone ? I want to use it with my girlfriend

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@PatrykPrz I am not entirely sure a lot of necromancers actually use Ouija boards. It seems too much of a hassle to make one when you can just start evoking without them. Not too sure how many of us even know how to make a board. None of the necromantic grimoires I have seemed to mention it

P.S. Just a novice necromancer here. If anyone more experienced disagrees just ignore my post.


An oujia board is too complex to be made on paper, you want wood. I’d actually advise against using one, because it’s not accurate and there are better methods of divination.


I agree with Nagathex on this one. It’s not the best method for divination/scrying, but i think it can work well for beginners. One problem that comes to mind is the threat of wandering spirits taking over the board. To help avoid this place silver on top of the board, get the sigil of the entity you are trying to contact and place i on and underneath the board. After that make a circle both physical and astral. Then explain to the spirit why you made the circle as to not look disrespectful. Tell them that it’s for your own protection because of the risk of other spirits.


I made a functioning Spirit Board (Ouija is a brand name) out of cardboard and a sharpie. And it was pretty damn successful. It was part of the Mastering Divination Course, so I have my results recorded.

On day one a spirit named Roger gave me a poetry recommendation.

But, I do agree with @Nagathex, the Spirit Board relies on the ideometer effect and so can easily be controlled and manipulated and there are leagues better forms of divination which you can use to contact the deceased.


The Main advice on making such a Spirit board /( Ouija Board.) would be to make it specific.
Bind a Spirit of Transgression (like on E.A.'s Circle Malzath Hybreath), to it.

Most interesting and potend on that end would for example be a spiritboard which works specifically with Nyarlathotep as transgressor between the evocator and the old ones. (pretty much S. Ben Quayin’s Tarot furfills this purpose allready - but it ain’t a Spirit board right :wink: )

Secound and more interesting on that end, is to make it a tool to actually give Forward. ( a Product.)

there are a bunch of Pantheons which can be adressed specifically, according to the evokators preferance.

a very interesting Approach would, however, be a board that ignores the death spirit’s and specifically works with living Entitys. - As that’s a much more complex Approach.

I’ve found a few People working in such directions.

Oh and Ouija isn’t just a brand Name.

It’s a Language Transgressor between German and French. :wink:

Oui - yes
Ja - yes

My Standard Version of that isn’t placed anywhere in physical but just chanted onto object’s whenever i Need it:
( ja german, ju lower self, ji higher self.)

Ouija simply means open-open.
Jajuji means open-open-open.

(open = accept)

(the most common use of language board not even mentioned: typing text into any digital media. main deity of Transgression on programmer’s Level in that case would be Xa Touring.)