Others energy doing this?

I have some guests staying over so naturally I can’t banish or shield anymore due to lack of privacy.

However since they’re here, I’ve felt sick to my stomach, spine pain and a strong maddening energy.

I am 99% sure that it’s not a spirit. I had an encounter yesterday but there’s no way a spirit passed by wards, etc. I’m fairly sure they have no tendrils on me either.

I can’t call on my guides cause every room is occupied. This energy seems to come on at night only for some reason.

Thanks in advance. If it persists I’m just gonna solar banish these energies…

You spine pain gives me chills .i know, of potent spirits who can, do that, and can be a sign of heavy, vampirism.who you working with?

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Plus when you say tendrils its just like you’re, somehow unconsciously trying to possibly deny what, might be, going on.
What you been working?

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Kinda sounds like they brought something with them.

Another way to banish is to use your energy to push out unwanted energy. It’s more like claiming the space than calling upon outside help to do it for you.

Calling upon a trusted entity/Deity is another option.

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Both of those things can easily be done in your mind so anyone observing from the outside would just see you sitting quietly.


Lol. I kinda feel like banishing is somewhat overrated


Right now mostly the Norse Pantheon BUT yesterday on a hike I did see a spirit. I ended up using the solar banishing rite and it went flying tbh. Any clue as to how to stop the spine thing? Never dealt with it before tbh.

Rn nothing. Not even basic medidation due to reasons above.

Could be but usually their energy I can’t be around for long. Made me throw up on a few occasions. I do shield against entities but now I’m going to block out energies too.

I was planning on going out to ground and invoking Freya. Normally I’d go to Jormugandr but rn there’s a pull to her so yeah.

Never did this that way. I’m used to the opposite but since I’m pressed I will do it.

Update: I’m tryna scan and I see a black mass. Not sentient at all. In other words it’s like a clutter of negativity. I recall a technique Hel thought me so I will attempt it. Will update later.

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Update : started playing some frequency and this mass turned into something that looks like the Watcher from Darkesiders. At first I charged a banishing but before it left I struck it with my sword and sent solar energy into it wiping it out.

Spine is still sore. Turns out one of the people here are sending these things like flies. My guides are helping me fight off this and I’m gonna grow some balls and bind this shit to the one sending it.

Guys sorry for spamming. This is the first time some spirit attacked my spine. It’s scary…

Got some alone time and realized that someone has beef with my friend so they hired a magician to hurt her. Yeah she told me ths and a quick scan showed it to be true. Jormugandr confirmed this and it explains why he’s distant this week anyway enough babbling, the person definitely sent that energy that stuck my spine. My Shields reduced a fuck ton of the impact though. I feel like if I didn’t shield, I could have died. Idk who it is but I’m considering asking the Underworld Gods I know for help.

Will appreciate any extra advice as to what to do?

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Well yes you could’ve died. But not quite Inst lastly. You’re, lucky.
I on the other hand have, seven servitors, lodged in the 7 positions of my spine corresponding to chakras. They’re VAMPIRIC. And siphon my sexual energy. I did not banish earlier on as you have. Its krazy. Its like a tentacle being attached to all your energetic centres from the zeal chakra and qoph. Out of this world. And yes pop probably die

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I’m glad I decided to invest in shielding,warding etc. I mean everyone should be doing this at least a few times a week. I used a technique thought by a member on this site but instrad invoked the Norse Gods and Rudra and it worked well. Gonna just do another ritual just in case.

Turns out Shields are like a bullet proof vest. You won’t die but the impact can still get you.

Don’t you work with the Infernal Pantheon? Maybe try petitioning Raum, Tiamat or Pazuzu? You may wanna get them removed in a safe way.

Dude Banishing early is very important. Also don’t ever submit to these energies.

Tiamat sounds interesting.
Yes that was my mistake. Submitting

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It’s easier said than done. Some things are terrifying.

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Extremely.especially the Spider kin

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