Other uses of the UC Gateway of Pacts

SO I was wondering,as mentioned in the BoA EA used this as a gateway to the Infernal Kingdom.Has anyone who has a UC used it as a gateway? If so how did you go about doing this? I’ve done the circumbobulation while chanting the Grand Invocation (Alash Tad Alash Tal Ashtu) and the symbols became 3 dimensional kind of like an open sigil but nothing happened.Has anyone found a use for this thing besides evocation?

Once it’s open, then you have to use soul travel.

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In the book EA said that he spontaneously went out of body and didn’t mention having to force it.Was this just because he can soul travel with such ease? Or can it just take you there?

… “didn’t mention having to force it.” It could be a jump to assuming a need ot force-it; rather think once the sigil is open, the msg needs to be sent; once a cell phone# is dialed (or connected via Skype) the other person has to be there to answer/answer it… and then you communicate. And once you’ve opened a portal (just like opening a door) you step through it.

if you look and see the room you are in and think that is all that is there (that is “here”), is that what the understanding of your “awakened-rapture-state” knows?

[I’ve found there are aspects that our mind, our energy-self, senses/touches, but we think that isn’t it… that is distraction so we pull away and ignore that “else”… (ref “the breaks” in Crowley’s 8 Lectures on Yoga)… closer than our skin, nearer than our next breath, the portal is a single step, but you have to sense-see that other direction (like seeing an askew 3d direction- a line you can’t quite point at) -the trick is how much of this you might be experiencing but your energy-system needs to “upgrade” itself.

EA is highly experienced with soul travel. Stick with trying to get down the basics of evocation, from your other posts you seem to be having problems with that. So work on that before tackling these other things. If you start tying too many things too soon and all at once without experience then you will spread yourself thin and accomplish nothing in any of them.