Other languages and calling forth the distant

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This is a type of language which I readily speak and hear. I don’t make any paper dollars off this but I see distant places in the cosmos talking. I hear the voices of unearthly beings making sounds many of which I can not make for not retaining the actual apparatus. For me, when I hear what I attempted to translate into sounds by letters here, I can feel the personalities of the beings making the sounds. I can faintly gather expressions of the forms who would make such sounds. Sometimes I see micro beings like an individual. Other times I see stuff in the cosmos or even the cosmos light up and begin speaking. Not the whole cosmos all at once, revealed portions of it and realms

it’s not necessarily my way to understand what’s being said but to imagine the visual graphic of the sound being simulated in a place of no sound where by the sound is translated into light.

So often times, I will see other beings appear to me and we exchange by making strange sounds. My favorite way to commune is when I activate my full lesser celestial array as I begin to generate compelling sounds, voices, harmonies, conducted into full brilliant orchestral majesty. what even cooler is when other beings pic up instruments and join in or even start singing. I’ve even heard spontaneous rapping. Though, you got to allow the mysterious to take place. Then it readily shall with neither tool nor chant nor ritual but merely intention and control of one’s own apparatus, the human being which is the summated diluted cosmos.

What do those sounds translate to?

Your threads are interesting to read although I don’t understand most of what you’re talking about lol, I like the higher level sense and nonsense you bring to this board.

The idea is not to imagine the meaning but attempt to utter the sounds very slowly sensing intently the movements which are made and required to make the sounds.

They are strings of visualized data according to how the sound would feel as you made it.

The feeling of how to vocalize the form harnesses the resonation, not the meaning. For through that a form is perceived who will speak to you readily. I don’t know what they will say.

A key component to my way of working is to understand that the fullness of the apparatus is not understood. In fact, that correspondants between myself and the experiential will never be wholly apprehended. So I work across scales of self awareness in accordance’s with my own consciousness and apparatus.

I’m almost offended by some of the things I see you think are nonsense. Though a few are intentionally sow. I came here with intention. For I have sensed a rising tide. I mean to cast forth my nets as it were and draw in some for a time, their consciousness. Yet, they will never know of the fullness of my working. This I make sure of far in advance. It is very important that much of my work remains apparently nonsensical. Thankyou. Though, my ego can’t help but be interested in some of the things which you considered higher which did make sense. :slight_smile:

You can begin to understand stuff like that through an Awareness utilizing Synaesthesia.