Other entities to work With

Are there other entities that are as powerful as demons and bring results fast, but is it easier and safer to work with? Now I work with angels but I like to learn about other forces.

PS: Maybe it sounds stupid but I’m not kidding With This topic guys

once you have a good relationship with your spirit guides/HGA they can be quite helpful

“Get results fast” shows up way too often as a request.
Gods can give fast results, demons can as well, angels as well.

Whether or not they consider you deserving, a different question.

I admit, I have way too little experience with demons.


He wants “results fast”, don’t think he have any plans on hooking up with a spirit and date it for a couple of weeks. XD

I’ve also heard something about elementals or Djins

The speed by which spirits bring results often depends on what it is you want. They either need to create openings or wait for openings before acting. They also want you to act as well.

Also, all spirits are equally dangerous, not just demons. Even angels can ruin your life if you’re disrespectful.