I saw Ose from the Goetia, in my mind, 3 distinct vivid images, I asked to see what he looked like, I purposely didn’t read his description before this so my mind wouldn’t be swayed. The only goal was to see what he looked like. I’m an artist and drawing without frills but straight to the point is something I’m working on, I enjoy illustrated Grimoires and I’m in the process of starting one.

At first I saw a bald creature with a big forehead, ball shaped black eyes and a mouth almost like an ant-eater, this image was vague and faded in and out.

Then I saw the most vivid image of all, of a tiger with it’s fangs out and mouth open, a ferocious tiger.

Then I saw a small knight in a funny helmet, I got the impression it was a little person, dressed up for a fight but not threatening at all.

I didn’t describe these images in elaborate detail but plan on drawing each of them. I have sketches of them but will work on making them look more accurate to what I saw.

I then looked at Ose’s description, it mentions that he appears as a leopard, then as a man. I distinctly saw a tiger not a leopard, and I did see a man 2nd but it wasn’t a plain man.

Has anyone else Evoked Ose also known as Voso or Oso? If so did you get an impression of what he looks like?

Haven’t fully worked with him but he did appear as a panther-headed man, yet at the same time he winked at me and gave me a knowing smile before telling me “do I look pretty like this?”, and chided me for expecting him to appear as in the grimoires.

So long story short: While they DO appear in determined and familiar shapes, spirits mostly use images and definitions stored already in your head to appear in your sight (be this sight astral or different).

He explained that spirits will appear easily if you do have a preconceived form of them since it allows closeness between minds, yet that all that mental structuring is not completely necessary for you will recognize the spirit when it comes if you’ve obsessed and read about them, even if you’ve skipped the part describing their usual appearance.

Also, btw, and without wishing to sound offensive or anything:

  • You may feel you need to draw the spirits for your commodity and closeness, it is great.

  • Some spirits tell me you should probably focus your effort in doing stuff which is commercially appealing rather than “waste” time in depicting them.

  • They say you put so much effort in this task as if it were a holy operation when compared at least to your more regular drawings. They say that you sometimes reconsider it when you have to erase parts and redraw them again, that you feel like you’re butchering the spirit or just queasy about it.

  • They say not to explore them because you will fall upon a fixed idea most of the time and you should leave your creativity to “soar”. Have you ever done coloring rather than drawing? I mean professional coloring, something along the lines of scenes that are visually impacting by the sheer amount of colors rather than, you know, color a drawing.

  • They say you should do more color-oriented work than shapes as an exercise for your scrying capabilities.

  • They say you should center your efforts more around yourself than themselves.

ALL THIS SAID, I might be full of shit. I just had those perceptions about you and a need to tell them. Smile, dude, I am doing it for free! :smiley:

They said you should check these drawings for inspiration:




Dunno man, I didn’t do it. See if it has any meaning to you, and please report back if it does!

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Cool, I do believe your information is accurate.

I am focusing in black & white exclusively, no color at all, but I will consider coloring some of them.

As for the erasing parts, heh, yeah I erase parts all the time. My process involves many changes of erasing. I scan the ink drawing & print it out, and if I don’t like it, I erase the parts I don’t like on the computer and print it out and re-draw those parts. It is time consuming. I’m an artist yet I’ve never spent this much time on a single drawing, we’re talking over 3 weeks on 1 drawing. I want it to be worthy of being published.

As far as not profitable, I would tend to disagree, there’s an author by the name of Orryelle that seems to exclusively make graphic grimoire after graphic grimoire. His stuff is very detailed and very interesting but it wouldn’t conflict with me at all as my style is totally different. I say the more graphic grimoires out there the better. Too many have 1 or 2 images in them, most have none. Some look like cartoons, some are over-stylized, some are copies of the ancient ones which were stylized after the limited capabilities of the ancient artists. I’d like to try to capture something unique from my perspective yet at the same time draw some lines and show the clear reality that certain gods and spirits invented certain shapes and half-man half-animal forms, for what reason, they seem to speak in riddles, they won’t give a plain answer, I think maybe it’s because they are somewhat bored, it’s their version of wearing a one of a kind pair of shoes or focusing on symbology to express their abilities without words.

As for my own abilities, I will focus on them too, you just need some cool art-work to go in-between.

Thanks for the info!

Apologize for the late reply, I don’t yet know how this forum works, thanks.

Don’t sweat it man, take your time, I know we all got a life to tend to :slight_smile: . That’s why I am being very brief hehe.

Yes, I was wrong about making an art book of the Goetic spirits not being profitable, like totally wrong D: .

On about their forms, you’re right, they’re just too bored or cannot believe someone would call them on such small details. Some do it to express their mastery over certain matters, other shapes are linked to historical moments and events… It’s kinda hard.

Godspeed on whatever your decision man!