Orobas works fast as lightening!

So, I have been working with Orobas alongside a selected group of spirits for wealth in the immediate and long run.
However, I felt that when it came to my short-term goals I might be spreading too thin, which was delaying any tangible results. Since I finished a terrible project and needed new clients, and some extra cash, I decided to sit just with Orobas and ask him to fix my immediate needs. I also asked me to give me a same-day sign that he was working with me. Simple evocation gazing at the sigil on my phone. Not 24 hours had passed, I got not one, but two long term job offers in the exact terms I asked, and I got two money news that will make my life much easier.
I always knew Orobas to be reliable and effective, but I didn´t think speed was one of his top traits! He is an absolute gem. Hail Orobas, please never leave my side!


hey Plum girl,

I recently started working with Orobas and he certainly is very obscure spirit, but I was surprised to see your post on him…its a sign that I am on the right path. Thank you and also do let me know what offerring did you make to him or anything you promised in return ?


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Why did you say uncertain?
He’s the most stable, honest demon I’ve ever met.

I also agree that it’s Fast, because it’s the fastest black horse in hell…:horse_racing:


Hi and welcome. I didn´t use an offering. I just called upon his seal and agreed to write him praises in return for his help. I don´t see him as obscure, unless you mean in the sense of his powers not being made as clear as the powers of other goetic spirits. He is quite versatile, and it wasn´t until I compared dozens of notes from different practitioners that I realised he was just the right spirit for my needs.

From my notes, some of his powers are:

  • Giving power and control over others
  • Answers questions
  • Knows past, present and future
    -Gives dignity/dignities and titles
  • Employment
    -protection, namely against other spirits
    -Reputation, riches and fame
    -Solving difficult court cases
    -put a term to gossip and slander
  • Patronage of your friends and even enemies.
    -known to be a favourite of the most powerful and wealthiest people in the world
    -never lies and hates liars
    -Helps win battles

Agreed, he is lovely. Can you share any insights on him? I worked with him before but rather superficially. I think I have overlooked his powers. No wonder he is so well loved, one of the most popular along with Seere and maybe Bune.


Not one of the more popular spirits but certainly he seems quite effective.

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“Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning…”

It had to be said. Had this playing in my head since I read this. Lol

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I did too, but I couldn’t come up with a better metaphor. It was SO fast!

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Orobas is one of my patron spirits. I’ve had him on the back burner for a while now because I’ve had so much going on and have been involved with many spirits rather than just a few. I am going to be contacting him again tonight. He really does deserve more attention than I’ve been giving him.


hello friend, can you share more of your personal expeirences with Prince Orobas ? Like how do you evoke him and other relevant stuff.

Thanks for sharing. There is some cool info in there.
It’s so funny that your e article mentions that Orobas helps in writing pursuits. I had no idea, but that is my field and that was precisely what he helped me with. I’m in awe.

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Is this information from V.K Jehannum ?