Orobas summoning

Is this is good way to summon , not just Orobas , but any demon ? (without the circle part ).


Light a candle – any candle, draw the sigil on paper, relax as deeply as you can, (just let yourself go like you’re gonna sleep), then softly gaze at the sigil and think of a vague image of him. That shaded image will begin to fill with details as he gets closer.

No need to over-complicate things. Forget about the circle unless your doing an energy accumulation spells or such like.

He wasn’t real upfront with his presence towards me. But he did vaguely show himself even with my shitty vision.


what did you offer him ?

To speak positively about him to others whenever the opportunity arises, hence my forthcoming here. Lol also to give certain foods or incense.

The deed was originally help sell my laptop for a decent price. Of all the flaky offerings, roughly four hours later (Jupiter’s number) this one guy didn’t go away and he offered me a free horse trail ride. So I guess he wanted a little more that just words. He wanted me to honor horses by spending some time with them. The guy who taught me how to ride was the rather “peculiar” type himself too. It ended up feeling like I was talking to Orobas himself, asking him all my life’s honest questions and he answered them. He’s good at giving clear signs and setting up situations to explain things to you.

So from all this, he’s the business type so he’ll clearly let you know what he thinks is appropriate and fair. He’s not difficult at all though. Go with your gut feeling and take whatever you notice happens during and after the session as legitimate.


Is he good for spreading the word about something ?

Yes, in fact that’s exactly what I called him for, to help my ad attract attention. He can also manipulate the kind of attention you get, to stop gossip or gear people to treat you with respect and dignity. He’s a spirit of dignities and prelacies, meaning his power is geared toward attaining prestige through rank and position. So he’s talented finding a good job, getting a promotion, or gaining positive attention from powerful people. Or shifting attention in general.

I also read he is a teacher of Astral shape-shifting, manipulation, movement, clarity, and transmigration, though I have never contacted him for such.

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Do you know what kind of food or drinks he likes ?

I started off offering some basic things like wine with a couple scones and incense. He’s very Jupiter-like and he is of the air. So anything smoky works for herbs. But from how my experience turned out, it seems he is more interested in exchange of kinetic energy instead of gifts. Instead of gift-for-gift, it was task-for-task. My additional energy expense after the horse ride was to actively spread the word about him.

My suggestion is instead of offering food, candles, incense, etc., offer to do a devotional task or a form of honoring his service. Honoring horses somehow.