Orobas Portrait Art - A thank you gift!

First, let me say that I tried to contact him a long time ago through meditation. My metod was only that: intent. I had nothing that time, only incense, that I didn’t even use when I was trying to call him. I just concentrated on his “number” (55) and sigil and called, I spent some hours only trying to send him my energy, trying to make him talk to me. At that time, I heard him only once, when I was questioning myself if this was really going to work, and he took away my doubt saying out loud "go on. You’ll be alright. " and that was it. I asked for help, I asked if it would be possible to turn my life into my dream one, if I could have the job that I dream of, if my problems could be solved. He said nothing, but when I woke up exactly 5:55am the next day I knew he would help me. After that, the number 55 would constantly show up for me. It was just crazy how often I would see the number in my day-to-day life and of course I always took the synchronicity as a signal from him. It did not take too long for my wish to come true and I was baffled with the speed of his work! what I asked was something really difficult and I was okay if I had to wait two years for that, but it happened in a matter of weeks.

Last year was a wonderful year, and I could say it was because my friend Orobas. He is giving me assistance with all sorts of things since the beggining of our contact and my life twisted completely because of him, in a good way, of course. Things that I never knew could happen, happened to me and everything feels better, everything feels more colorful. For this year, I would really like to bond and ask him if he would be okay about being my “guardian” as I feel really attached to him and I don’t really want him out of my life. Not only because he is being wonderful and helping me with all my problems, but because I see him as a really dear friend.

So, I took some time to make a portrait as a thank you. My art progress is always improving thanks to what he gave me and it feels right taking a time to work in a piece for him.

Thank you Orobas!


BEAUTIFUL!! :heart_eyes: :+1:


Glad you liked! :slight_smile:


Wow. Just wow…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This is so beautiful! I know Orobas loves it! Continue to please him and he will do the same !

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That is fantastic.

Awesome work!

Orobas is a fine equine friend. Who would of thought being nice guy to work with and having a great personality would make you a popular demon to engage with?

I know he’ll love all the effort you put into this in honor of him.


I have the Orobas pendant necklace is that sufficent to invoke him?

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No. The pendant would have to be consecrated and charged. Otherwise, it’s just common jewelery.

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I always get excited when I read these things … the love they give us and the love and respect we give them is such a beautiful and indescribable thing.

Could you give me info on how to consecrate the pendant?

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Draw Orobas’ seal, open it, and ask him to charge the pendant with his energy. Then leave the pendant on his seal overnight so he can empower it.

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Your the best I like that you shared that knowledge with me.I will do it.


How do I open or empower a sigil?

If I may throw in my “2 cents”, think of it like this. You can of course buy Orobas merchandise on Amazon (I have), and while I wish I had the skills, time, and resources to make the tee-shirt, pendant, and patch and while it certainly would have more of my energy enfused if I did, it is better then nothing. Having his sigil imprinted upon it, the items are keyed in, or directed towards his energy. But how do you make those pre-made things you bought yours, marked and infused with your energy to link between you and Orobas?

That’s up to you. The effort you put into researching what he likes and his corapondences (like his Enn), the certain ways you design the ritual in your own style is what builds report between you and him. Helps to make the connection. The more preparation, effort, and concentration you put into the process the easier it will be to make the connection. The rest is up to you and him. Same principle for connecting to any entity. And if you and whom ever get along well enough, and work together long enough, you gradually need less and less things to key into to them.

Of course you don’t even need to get a premise item. You could even just make something out of clay, engrave it, and paint it yourself.

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Greatly put I like the info I feel Orobas working with me.I do feel different in my stomach area but I read that his power does that.I am drawing his sigil myself on paper and I know his enn so I work everyday charging his pendant

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Very nicely written Cirice, it is the kind of contact I would like to have with him
It was great to read your story