Orobas money

I recently created an app and now it’s in the app store .

I want to make thousands a day but I don’t think it’s possible without the help of a demon . I want to use Orobas to help me make thousands or tens of thousands a day but I don’t know if that’s a reasonable offer that he will follow through on . I am in a shelter and I need to get the hell out of here . Should I just ask for the thousands straight up to Orobas ?

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Do you want answers only about Orobas bringing you thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars, or are you open to other suggestions on getting out of the shelter into your own accommodation as a start?

i have a feeling you’ll get more positive responses from the 2nd but I understand how annoying it can be to ask for something specific, and get anything but that. :thumbsup:


The first one [quote=“Lady_Eva, post:2, topic:17077”]
only about Orobas bringing you thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars

I live with my mom .


Oh and by the way, I would steer clear of Apple Appstore to market your products. They are implementing alot of features of Censorship. I read an article where some people who make a living by Apps that are popular and sell are being censured and not allowed to sell under Apple. So the playing field is actually between Apple and Google its competitor which does not offer that censorship.

One of the first magicks you should consider is first Information. Yes you can do magick to get some extra bucks, but when you do decide to do something bigger you need an actual strategy for multiple workings so you can guide your success. Knowing where to sell your Apps help depending on what you are selling; I was just giving a heads up on the censorship with Apple as possibly not being a profitable direction, but then again you may develop something that would be to their taste.

But yeah whatever Eva said, it would be a good idea to get a good regular flow of money before going for the Big Money. It takes money to make money anyway.


Did you see my latest thread ? Was that an answer to it ?

No I didn’t. Just this thread.

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So what amount do you think I should for ?

I’d suggest you start small, and once that works out, move the amount up from there. Do it in increments with the final goal being “thousands a day” as you put it. If you try to create too big a change from the get go, understand that in the material world in which we live, there is such a thing as inertia and momentum. Focus first on slowly building momentum first. You’re trying to start a spark here, it has to build first. You can’t go from a drought to a raging waterfall the next day.


Sorry I do not know. I do not run that business, nor have the knowledge, so I could not give you an honest answer.

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So like how much tens(e.g 45) or hundreds(e.g 100) ?

@TheRookie The exact figures to ask, no one here can tell you. You know the details of the situation better than anyone.

With that being said, the amount should feel like something that’s within the realm of possibility given your current situation, but not something that’s likely to happen without the intervention of magick. Let that be your guide as to the initial amount to aim for. (It shouldn’t be an amount that makes you feel anxious and desperate to obtain – that figure will be your final goal, but not at the start. So let your feelings guide you in this process.)

I know you want the big bucks; thousands in profit per day as you put it, but put that goal aside for now and start in small increments as I stated earlier.


What do you recommend I give him for coming and listening to me and for doing his end of the pact ?

@TheRookie Whatever you promise to offer, make it something that’s within your means. In other words, don’t make any promises you may not be able to keep. You don’t have to offer him anything other than the promise of what you’ll offer him once he delivers a result. Once you actually have the result (i.e. your initial amount in profit) then you can go through with the actual presenting of the offering.

But be aware, people have different ways of doing this (offerings), and it’s not something set in stone. Some people will make extravagant offerings merely for the spirit just hearing them. I’m just telling you how I currently go about it. Just remember, you’re not Bill Gates nor the late Hugh Hefner: it may not be wise to promise him a wild orgy with young beautiful women or something very fine and expensive. And likewise, what Bill Gates (hypothetically if he were into Goetic rituals) would offer a demon would likely not be possible for someone in your circumstance. The point is, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, but something that’s an inconvenience to you but within your means. Think of it as a gift you are presenting; you wouldn’t give a present to someone something that you were going to throw out anyway or something that you wouldn’t care for if you lost it – let that guide you in deciding.


Should i put my sperm on his sigil to create a link so the money can flow in everyday ? Or is it not necessary ?

Just a serious thought… can you imagine what the spirit itself must be thinking (fyi assuming it has the ability to have that kind of awareness…I never put a Spirit in a box like it is some lifeless object with no sophisticated sentience) as it watches you smear its sigil with your Ejaculate? lol. I’m just in a good mood today its a joke…enjoy yourself.


Lol you too