Ormus Diary: weekly update on progress (1)

This is gonna be a kind of weekly post for me -in the same thread, but I recently acquired a new kind of Ormus that apparent is fairly potent (backed up by its taste…ugh).

Ormus is essentially a collection of metals in liquid form (think of Coloidal silver) that is said to increase psychic abilities and all round spiritual wellbeing:

I was thinking that it might be interesting to chart my progress from never having it to a few weeks of taking it everyday. See if it actually has a significant effect kinda thing. Feel free to pitch in whenever you all like if you see something that interests you.

Night 1:

This is the first time I took a teaspoon, about 45 minuets ago. Immediate effects:
Mild headache in the centre of head
The room(s) seem brighter -almost as if they are humming or glowing with energy
Breathing did slow down momentarily after a couple of mineuts of taking it, but it appears to be back to normal.

Dream: I didn’t write this down from this morning so it is a tad hazy but here we go. I was on a mountainside (plateau area I think), and my feet were dangling off the edge, below was some sort of Forrest with a river running through it. It must have been late at night since it was pretty dark and the moon was out, suddenly this ball of light appears:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: this ball of light was something I’ve seen before, Eva I remember going to a post you made about creating wards or servitors and tried it out myself and it worked great. Anyway, when ever I walked around my guardian servitors would condense into this ball of white energy that would go inside of me and then I could bring it out when I wanted to use them. This ball was the same thing)

Anyway, (this is where it kind of gets symbolic), a lantern fell into my lap out of the ball. It was metal and looked like the classic old lantern you see in movies with a candle area in the middle. I then got up and walked down this long path towards a cave, when I got there this woman appeared (again, the chick is someone I’ve seen before in other dreams) and she tells me to “illuminate the darkness” by which she meant the cave I think. So the majority of the dream is just me walking through this dark cave until I see this enormous city, it’s glistening (think shiny surfaces). I then got a familiar feeling, when I was working with Thoth a few weeks ago he had a very distinct feeling about him, which I felt in this city. As soon as I felt that, the lantern essentially exploded with this white light that covered the whole city and I woke up.
One thing I do distinctly remember was that when I woke up I could remember the dream exactly, a lot better than usual.

I’ve heard of this but never tried it, look forward to reading about your experiences!

You can make a machine to create these metal colloids out of an old microwave oven. You need at least 10,000v for a good separation of particles anything less and you are not true monoatomic. I have been taking colloids for some time now but beware because there is such a thing as gold and silver poisoning. Hell even too much iron and copper can be bad for ya. None of this stuff was mentioned in my pharmacology class by the way apparently doctors are not supposed to know about this. Cheers!

Hold on, I need to vomit some science.
On many aspects he’s not necessarily wrong, but he’s drawing false conclusions and fabricating some information altogether.

A non-exhaustive list of errors

First, he refers to legitimate scientific publications in the field of nuclear chemistry about deformed and superdeformed nuclei, without realizing that these papers talk about excited nuclear states which can only be observed in particle accelerators at extremely short timescales. Separating any macroscopic amount of them is impossible, because they completely decay within microseconds from their formation.

Second, he says that gold is similar to alkali metals in that it has one electron on the s subshell of the outermost electron shell and because of this “wants to go to two electrons or it wants no electrons”, and therefore regular metallic gold is “diatomic” with the formula Au2, with an ionic bond between the atoms. This shows a complete lack of understanding of the nature of chemical bonding in metals. If his theory was true, gold would have a much lower melting temperature and would not be malleable or ductile.

And third, Hudson’s UK patent for his “discovery” presents IR spectra as evidence of “electron pairing within the atom”. Aside from the concept being absurd (that’s not how atomic bonds work), he uses the wrong spectra, as infrared wavelengths correspond to the energy of chemical bond vibrations (i.e., electron pairings between atoms). Electron shell changes would be visible in the UV or visible spectrum.

Basically, you go do what you want to do with your body and your money. I am the kind of person that researches great claims excessively. If you’re going to continue, do continue posting your results.

I’m interested in whatever he says even if for entertainment. I was looking at different things like reading up on stones/crystals/philosphers and it seems they all contain a similar element of Iridium. I’ve had some good experiences with certain things in the past as far as working with their energies.

I’ve been looking into Ormus. Haven’t tried any yet, as I haven’t been able to find any lye. You put salt in water, add lye until the PH is around 10, and the ormus appears.

What this stuff is chemically is Calcium and I think Potassium, which 2 of the top 4 minerals used by fruits and vegetables. It does make a great fertilizer, as most fertilizers don’t contain calcium.

As for the effects on people, it sounds like any other spiritual or magical path. The kind of weird random shit that happens to any magical novice who applies themselves. In all likely hood, this substance is serving as a focal point, and it’s consumption of production a ritual

Wait, you guys are consuming lye and salt water? Isn’t that a little dangerous? Lye is terribly caustic. This sounds like mercury pills all over again.

Does sound a bit worrying! Please be careful, at least on the physical planes.

I think it does depend on the type of Ormus since it can be made using different materials. The one I have has high concentrations of gold and platinum, not sure about lye. I can say that I feel great though, I can feel a certain change in my energic field -I feel all round more energised and sensitive. This also could be entirely unrelated but I find it interesting, my arts have got an interesting boost too. I’m a very right brained person (artistic side), so I draw a lot and play piano, guitar and violin. Since I took the Ormus my ability to do all that has improved, I’m finding new techniques easier and I’m finding I’m learning to do things at a much faster rate (it just comes more naturally?). A good example is the F chord on a guitar, if anyone has ever played guitar you’ll know it’s a bitch to learn and play, but since I took the Ormus my fingers have been able to get into a position much easier and the overall tone has improved. Could be a placebo effect yes, but it is interesting.

Never knock placebo effect, if something can block the distractions and doubts and make it work, whether it’s a lucky penny or whatever, it’s WORKING, and results are all that matters for magick.