Orismen's "Prove It" Vol. III

Earlier I came a across the, “Spirits seeking you” thread. In thread I mentioned that I have a list of small questions/tasks to issue to a spirit that popped up in my life, unannounced and uninvited. If the spirit in question can not, or will not, complete a few of the below items, I dismiss the spirit and that is the end of that.

I thought I’d post a few questions/tasks here so others can replicate, and improve upon, our work.

This is to make certain that I stay safe, and that I don’t waste my time and energy on either a trickster, or someone trying to get me in their debt. Of course, these are just the first of a longer process to build a relationship, but the below have helped me weed out a few spirits acting in bad faith.

  • Hide a small object, then call the spirit and ask them to reveal where the object is hidden.

  • Ask the spirit questions that you already know the answer too. These should be small scale, but this is another way to test if the spirit can reliably provide you with good information.

A good example of a question would be, “How many apple trees are there along Main Street?” or something similar. You can build up to questions for which you do not know the answer too, but can quickly look up.

  • Ask for a seal or password, then test the seal or password. Does the spirit respond? If the spirit is willing, give the seal/password to a trusted magician and see if they can make contact with the spirit.

There are, of course, more tasks/questions, but this is how we can be sure we have a spirit acting in good faith.

Stay frosty, and stay safe.


I second that. Spirits are unable to lie about seals.


And why is that [they are unable to lie about seals]?

The best way I can explain it is it’s like having a badge you can’t take off.