Orismen's got a new toy

A new bright and shiny radionics box to be exact.

Man I love this thing, and I have been having a lot of fun with it in the few days I have had it. So I want to have a little bit more fun.

I need five volunteers for an experiment. What I am going to do is place the name of 1 volunteer per day on my “giving plate” ( I will think of a better name later) and rune on the witness plate. I will then meditate, drop mind, and dial in the rune thus tuning it to my volunteer.

What this will do is open the runes influence in your life for the day. Going into an interview? Sowilo will help you stand out to your perspective employer. Looking to sale something? Fehu can get that moving for you…etc.

So I am going to open this up for the first 5 people who comment here. Just post a day for next week (Mon-Fri) and then PM me the rune you want along with any info you think may help like your full name or birthday. Do your research and see what rune sticks out to you and would be the best in your situation

If someone has already taken the day you wanted, sorry you will have to work it out witht them if you want to switch days.

All I ask is that you, at the end of your day, send me a PM letting me know how went. Since something is being transmitted your way I think a good idea would be to meditate on that rune and the incoming transmission so you can better connect with it.

So who is down to help me in my radionics experiment?

I’m down for this. I would like the rune Fehu for Wednesday, good sir.

Fehu thursday love freebies and oris …aside …what would be the rune that helps with psychic ability. Thanks oris

Radionics box? You’re making me feel uninformed :wink: Anyway I’m down, count me in :slight_smile:

What day do ya want?

I’ve PM’ed you. As I see the date is contested feel free to pick another day, so long as it is not monday. Let me know which one you end up with so I can stay sharp and observe^^

Alrighty then I will set you up for Friday :slight_smile:

Sounds good, thanks Oris^^

Could you cast Ansuz for ne Oris-san? For Saturday preferably.

Awesome idea man, I’m excited to see the feedback on this. I don’t want any accidental “interference” because I’m charging a talisman of Fehu carved into a cow tooth, but best of luck with this, it sounds awesome!

If you have a space left please can you cast Berkano any day but Tuesday is preferable. Thanks

Could you do it for me on monday? I’ll send a pm with the details.

I’d love to sign up for this.
Any day will do.My house was broken into again and I literally have lost every dime I had so Fehu for some financial help would be much appreciated.

Thanks brother.

Okay, well, I didn’t really notice any major influence of Fehu on Wednesday, but there was a subtle something niggling at the back of my brain. I am currently homeless and broke, yet, as I zoned out while riding the bus, my mind was noticing signs of “wealth” everywhere (said wealth was not flashy cars or anything, but was a certain sense of it) with no envy, or worry over my situation. There was also a sense of expansion. It’s a little hard to describe, but I do believe there was something going on.

I asked Orismen for Ansuz, a rune that was highlighted to me the moment I opened a page with the descriptions of the runes (I’ve never worked with them so had no clue what it meant and was thus unbiased). As I read the description I noticed it resonated with what I was working at and looking for at this time and went with it without doubt.

Ansuz keywords
Order, gods, Odin, transmission of intelligence, communication, reason, inspiration, language, breath, sound, origins of language, the Voice of the Universe, spellsong, casting, chanting, ancestors, passing of the breath along the ancestral line, evolution of gods, speech, poetry, discussion of runes, memetics, semiotics, etymology, linguistics.

What I asked Orismen
"I’m looking to get a stronger balance between the perspective of man and the world of spirit, meaning that right now I have the ability and the skill to switch perspectives but it’s giving me some really bad headaches and breakdowns in return (meant figuratively, not literal). I’m also looking to incorporate a third eye-ish vision into the daily experience, seeing more and more of the design of the divine incorporated in what we perceive as the mundane."

One of the things I was never interested in is gematria (numerology), while people like Nassim Haramein and certain Magickal reports convinced me that numbers can be used to deduce the very cornerstone nature of things my lack of mathematical basics dissuaded me from ever doing anything with it.

Today I open the Balg forums to check up on some things and see a topic called “fun with numbers”, I click on it for no real good reason, the topic doesn’t resonate but clicking stuff seems to go effortlessly sometimes doesn’t it?

I read through it and find the concept amusing but don’t see all that much in it until I see the results for the numerical counterparts to “United States”. This is so insanely spot on that I can’t help but click the link to that leads to the website that calculates numerical values of a word or sentence and then returns words that have a similar value. My mind almost exploded.

An example:
The woman I’m with has recently dyed her hair bright red. Ariel hair she calls it, which was always something she always wanted to do since she is a bit mermaid obsessed. She’s also keeps talking about escaping the country we live in and getting a place at the beach, the purest escapsim but it is her dream nonetheless. As I go through the results I see “Ariel”, “beach”, “move” from top to bottom.

She’s also been having dreams of Egyptian deities, mostly Hathor. As I read through the results I see “Atum” (Egyptian personification of infinity) and various Deities from that paradigm.

It was like her past, present and potentials are at least partially contained in the apparently NOT random name she was given. I don’t have to tell you guys how interesting this is for magicians. I myself changed my name at one point in time and as I compare them via this method I see traits and potentials of the old me versus how I perceive myself now. If I type in my magickal name that was suggested to me by the spirits things get even weirder.

Long story short, I wanted a bridge to make certain abtract things more understandable and I got it. It’s likely not an easy thing to explore in-depth but hey, it’s still ask and thy shall receive. It also ties in perfectly with my experimentation with sigils and how symbolism influences the unconscious.

Here’s the links:

So uhm…Orismen… that device. Just how does that work? :wink:

(And thanks btw^^)

Magic :smiley:

It is a physical representation of my will, much like a wand is. Only this has knobs and crystals and such.

Glad to see it worked.