Origins Of Spirit Sigils

I have been curious as to the origins of spirit sigils. I did a little Google and the only info I could find is that they came from numbers in magick squares. Knowing next to nothing about magick squares, I wonder if the numbers were overlaid in such a way as cannot be deciphered. Can anyone else shed any light, as to the origins of spirit sigils?

The sigils for the planetary intelligences may have been derived that way, but not all spirit sigils are…

99% of all spirit sigils came from the spirit itself.

I’m not sure about the origins of them all of course, but spirits will give you dsigils if you let them, sometimes they’ll say “share this!” and other times not.

Assuming the writers of the old grimoires were similar to us in some ways, I presume that’s how they got them.

There’s a vid with E.A. getting a sigil here (don’t worry, the weird guy in the still below doesn’t make an appearance! lol!!):

How To Create A Sigil For Any Spirit—Demonstration

You know, this raises an interesting historical question. Eric notes that sigils are a recent technology, and that seems correct to me. I can’t think of any sigils in Classical Antiquity, and the use of runes for any magical purposes before the viking period is controversial. So what is the earliest attested sigil used to represent or connect to a spirit?

Agrippa gives a cheat sheet for the various secret doodles and the celestial bodies they point to. Many of the seals for various angels and demons appear to be combinations of these figures. There are also alleged to be coded meanings to the various bars, triangles, crosses, etc, that appear in these symbols. Again, Agrippa.

The reduced answer is - whether you’re using coded doodles or number squares (or both), the sigil is a way to call and mix specific aspects of selected energies. At the final reduction, magic is calling energy here and directing it. The sigil system provides a really, really sophisticated way of precisely specifying exactly WHICH energy you want to call and what kind of personality you want it to have when it gets here.

If you really want the full, exhaustive explanation on how magic squares are used to generate spirit names and sigils, the introduction in The Occult Encyclopedia of Magic Squares is excellent.

Do you need all this information starting out? Not really. Does it come in handy later? Fuck yes!

Holy fuck, thank you for that tip - yes I should probanly have read Agrippa back to front but dammit, I have enough going on in any one day, and anyway I didn’t come at this from a ceremonial trad. background. :stuck_out_tongue:

See, it stops being academic when you have one of these little darlings about ready to pop from your navel, as I did last year, and ever since then I’ve been trying to find the deeper meaning behind the scried sigil of the being that lived inside me for several weeks.

Googled our dearest forebear Agrippa, found the sigil. Or to be more precise, the language from which it’s constructed.

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Hey seriously back on topic though, the sigil I scried for my Child was taken from some of the symbols shown here:

That’s really useful and also gives me more faith in the whole thing, because I couldn’t figire it out AT ALL at first, it looked like nothing I;d ever seen before and no connection to wither m,y own personal symbols nor those of the father.

So, score one for the scrying method, and as someone commented on E.A.'s Facebook, the sigil he scries there in that video looks kind of like the ones in the Simon Necronomicon, which is interesting.

Usually I sort of partially channel the spirit I’m making the sigil of and have them move my hand to draw it out. One of these days I should probably replace the sigil of Sargatanas I made my av with something new, so we’ll see what happens with that.

Before I learned how to do that I used the rose cross and aiq baker methods of making sigils.