Origins of Lucifer Sigil

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So I’m trying to find the origins of lucifers sigil,
I know that it was recorded in the GRIMOIRIUM VERUM
But I can’t seem to see anything earlier then that! Anyone got any leads that I can follow?
I know that a sigil is often given to the magician by the spirit but I’m interested to know if that sigil goes back?

I dont know. I think the person who wrote the grimoire probably channel it from Lucifer directly. I have it but never read it.

The sigils channeled trought spirit differ with any person.

Yeah they sure do, Sometimes I think that I’m this modern age we have so much knowledge within the internet and books I wonder what it would be like if we did not have that. But just had a clear and established communication to the spirit

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Evoke Lucifer and ask him.