Origins and Acension

So, how do I even start lmao, let me make one thing clear. Writing this will feel so good because I need to take this shit out :worried:
Imma make this short as possible for you :black_heart:

So I found out around 2 years ago that I’m King Paimons spiritual daughter and that was it, but of course to make things complicated for my little error brain I started to work with Archangel Michael a while ago, our first meeting was when I was actually going to meet Gabriel in a deep trance but Michael came instead. I had a loooong talk with him so I’ll just cut to the important part. He showed me a sword, it was dark silver with black pattern on the top. It was a black dragon on the blade and on the back there was a black serpent. He told me that it’s my sword. The sword was stuck in a huge rock as in that fairytale (Don’t know the name) and he asked some questions and I answered. I was 100% honest and the more honest I was the more loose the sword got, but then I said something personal due to negative emotions and it got harder than before. Then he asked what I feared and I answered. The sword started to shine in bright white energy and I took the sword. One thing I never expected to happen, happened. I started to shine in a sunset like energy and I saw myself from behind as someone watching my back and I saw shadow wings within the sunset energy coming out of my back, what I remember the wings didn’t have many feathers or whatever I should call it. (I’m getting major deja vu by writing this sentence now)

Me: What is this? (I was so confused and shocked)

Michael: I think you know very well what it is.

Me: Why aren’t there many feathers?

Michael: Because you’re fallen, very fallen. Finally you’re here after so many years.

Then I saw myself falling from the sky (as the typical fallen angel vision) with my sword, I fell down into a hole in earth but the sword didn’t, it fell on the ground but it broke into two pieces and now it’s whole. Then Michael and I were talking about this which I wish to keep private, but it was about him telling me that I’m a fallen angel which confused me since I was KP’s daughter. Nothing made sense in my head, I was so shocked. One thing I could tell personally was that I really had this super intense feeling that I have used this sword before, waaayyy before and the sword was old, not in the shape or anything but it’s “age”.

I’m under an spiritual awakening now and it’s getting better, the worst part so far has passed. I’ve been reading about acension and it makes me anxious and stressed. From what I’ve read when it comes to acension so far there’s a way to ascend to the infernal and (let’s call it heaven because I don’t know what to call it.) heaven and those two astral planes caught my eyes the most because honestly I feel a lot more in between, If I have to choose a side it’s going to rip my mind apart. I’m not thinking of ascending now. It’s too early for me and I’m not ready but it’s stressing me out because I don’t know where I wanna ascend. I obviously don’t know much about my past and it’s not easy for me to find out either. I just have no clue what to think or do.
I hope you don’t think this is pathetic or anything, thank you for taking your time to read this.

Ascension has ideas of ascension into “higher” planes or descension into “lower” planes, though the higher is often called the heavens as in multiple planes that vibrate faster than our current plane, and the lower planes are considered hell-ish due to vibrating slower than our own.

While neither is heavens nor hell-ish and simply exist when it comes to astral/mental and ascension it’s your mindset that determines what the heavens are and what hell-ish is.

However, when it comes to spiritual awakenings in any form even one where you come to learn more about yourself none of those really matter as there are many heavens from Asgard, to the judeo heaven, to the infernal for some, and so forth, and the infernal nation is but a nation within one of many underworlds, Hel, Hades, Irkalla, etc.

Where you want to ascend in my opinion doesn’t matter, more that what does ascension mean to you, becoming more aligned with your true self, becoming something you view better than your current self, becoming a better version of yourself, etc.


Ascension just means evolving your energetic conciousness so you can do more things and understand the contents of the universe

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Thank you for your words, they really helped. But isn’t a part of ascension to become your true self? Basically I’m an fallen angel in my past and currently a demonic kings daughter. It’s so mixed and speaking with honesty, I feel like I’m in the wrong body. I can either go back to “heaven” as the angel I were or go to the infernal to become a demon.

People see ascension in various forms. Enoch was said to have ascended into who were now call metatron. He became something new. There’s no one idea of ascension I personally just don’t agree with the new age idea of it.

Ascension is just a fancy term for becoming more than you currently are.

In my opinion, I feel people get bogged down too much in the terminology, instead of focusing on the process. The “New Age” definition of Ascension and the occult definition of Ascension amount to pretty much the same thing, a transformation or transfiguration of some sort. The only real difference between them is in what people think that end result will ultimately be like. Some think it will result in bodily leaving the physical plane, like Enoch did, while others think it will lead to actual physical immortality here on Earth. Still others think it means becoming an adept or spiritual Master.

The fact is, we won’t really know until we actually do it.


Thank you all, all of these comments made me relax lol.

Historically many fallen angels repented from thier rebellious ways and returned to a state of grace With God. One I can remember off hand is the angel of death azreal. He returned to the thrones to add glory.
We each have to make the decision moment by moment if we are in rebellion with the All or are we in a State of grace and at onement. This is free will and it’s Abit of a bitch…