Original Occult Art Thread

I fell to bring down the light,
now I’m fighting the shadows I gave,
For all the souls that fell into my arms,
I’m flying upwards once again,
With the lost and damned in my sack,
All the bile I’ve spread,
I take it all back.

You might want to research this forum a bit more before you go posting anything else. So far, every topic you’ve created has already been created at least 1-3 times in the past. It would be more beneficial to all to just reopen the original topics and post to those to keep everything organized in one place so we don’t end up with 13 occult art threads in the future with everyone’s work spread out all over the place. The last topic of yours that I saw before this one, was also another topic that had been created multiple times.

Not being a douche here, but we have a search function that works really well. You can try typing in different variations of the titles you would have chosen for your own topics, or keywords and see if someone else has already started a particular topic. It just makes it easier to locate information if everyone posts under the same threads by reviving the older topics instead of new members starting the same topics every couple of months.


Locked for being redundant.