Origin of the Green Room

I would love to know what others theories on the origin of the green room is, I believe its highly occult and the powers that be know what it is, I have a few theories of my own I’d like to share here is what Wikipedia says "
The specific origin of the term is lost to history, which has led to many imaginative theories and claims. One story is that London’s Blackfriars Theatre (1599) included a room behind the scenes, which happened to be painted green; here the actors waited to go on stage. It was called “the green room”.

Green room - Wikipedia

I believe it is the inside of the cube, New Jerusalem, maybe even a borg ship so to speak lol, I’ve been seeing it since I was very young and only now is the pieces falling into place.

I was thinking of a green house. I heard the term green room on television before where the guest wait before going on air. It probably is occult…

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Yeah on British tv you would have guests waiting to go on talk shows sitting in the “green room”, also you had another show called “Room 101” which is another occult secret, the biggest occult secrets are hidden in plain sight, “Room 101” was alluded to in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shinning”, most intelligent commentators agree he was admitting to faking the moon landing and “Room 101” represents the fake moon landing. A documentary called room 237 explains it Room 237 - Wikipedia

Personally I just think it’s lingo for a green screen room, a makeup room, or a dressing room. Too much conspiracy can rot your mind. Trust me, I should know. I used to listen to The Vigilant Christian and his ilk. Christianity and conspiracy theories go together like bleach and cyanide.

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If we are going to move into the next golden aeon, man deserves the truth, I’m guessing some of the stuff I talk about could be degrees in Freemasonry or other groups and some people had to go through alot to earn the right to be told earth’s /mankind’s secrets but we cant evolve into the the next step in the evolution of consciousness without the truth, brother!

If we are to go into what a green room is today, then its the blank canvas on which another reality is superimposed on to, a holographic projection, which ties into my view of the room since I was a kid, they were green ones an zero’s superimposed over my vision in a green dimension with a hum of a machine in the background, which leads me to conclude its the inside of the saturnian cube… I’ve been inside it.

Btw “vigilant Christian” ain’t no Christian, most if not all of those Youtube Christian conspiracy pushers are Jews and masons,

Some conspiracies are probably true. JFK being killed by Johnson, alien cover ups, lies in the history books, etc. But I have a difficult time believing in a flat earth, fake dinosaur fossils, faked moon landings, and other wacky claims. Most of these things can be debunked. I think the truth, is exactly what can be found in Koetting’s work and the work of other occult writers recent and ancient alike. His “Ushering in the Apolcalypse” video on YouTube is the only conspiracy/doomsday theory I need or believe in. I think conspiracies are often drummed up by intelligence agencies to poison the minds of the masses and I think some of those tactics have been declassified. I’ve done the research, spent time in the “truther” communities, and was lucky to escape with my sanity intact (shoutout to Odin, Lucifer, and Ningizidda for helping me ditch those worthless ways of thinking). Oh, and the Jews aren’t out to get you.


I think conspiracy stuff is there to brain clean people from bullshit culture shit. Then you go back to see the larger truth of history. It’s just stories of people’s lives.

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