Orias the great marquise

enn: lirach mena orias anay na .This marquise delivered on one part of what I asked and didn’t hold back.I’ve also had to be reminded by him of my forgetfulness… my main goetic method is from the modern goetic grimoire .I did the evoking pretty much by the book since I did it outside so I didnt have the luxury of an extended period of privacy…the candles kept blowing off till I basically went through without the candles;; my main charges were too personal and I didnt get confirmation from the entity but the last one was about him using his knowledge of the powers of the celestial bodies to transform me into a person capable of seeing and hearing spirit clearly.I stressed that he was only to do this if it were within his power…then I offered him pure stream water with glucose dissolved in it to empower him to accomplish my goals.I didnt expect much but a lot of activity started in my third eye … that night I was woken from sleep by gurgling water-like sounds in my left ear and my ears have been tingling reaally weirdly till recently which I then took to mean that his work was done. RESULTS …ever since that night I’ve been able to hear spirits without doubt not only when I call them but even when I offer incense to the elementals out in nature ,been hearing high pitched frequencies preceeded by an entity making themselves known,also random whoosing sounds that have no physical source… the impressions I get in my minds eye have been more elaborate and clear too… So basically he is a great guy and you should work with him…lessons learnt; I didnt record the ritual in my bos so I forgot that I also promised to exalt his name and seal. I’m typing this at 2am over here because he’s woken me and reminded me … LOL …anyways I am from this point on going to record such details to avoid any surprises…THANK YOU ORIAS