Orgonite & entities


I found this interesting thread while browsing another forum

Now here’s what is interesting, the grey alien entity I’m freinds with really likes the stuff. In fact I keep two pieces of organite next tot he object he’s attached to.

So I’m wondering why some entities like it and some don’t. I noticed similar phenomena with florida water, it scares the crap out of some entities but others like it. Maybe its just energy compatability?


I think it’s all about energy compatibility as you say. Since you have some orgonite pieces, have you ever noticed a change in your own energy while being close to them?
Personally orgonite makes me physically sick when I am in a bad mood. When I am fine it gives me a pleasant feeling. I think it works a bit as an amplifier somehow.
I also think that it has an intensifying effect with some substances, as if it makes them have a faster and stronger effect.


Well I use the organite during certain meditations, I use the energy sucking technique from my left hand to take it into my body to use for some stuff. so far I’ve not noticed any ill effects beyond that if I do it for too long my left hand chakra hurts a bit.