Orgasm for fuel of transformation

I’ve used orgasm for charging sigils. That’s the basic way to get results. Works very well.

Lately I have been using orgasm to - at the moment of release - envisioning the darkness of the night sky, vision of starry space and exploding nebulas. I’m a sober person lol don’t ask

For some reason this is comforting and represents some aspiration for me and I don’t know why. It has been helpful in some strange way.

Anyone out there do this sort of thing?

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I use my orgasms for manifestation sometimes when I don’t I send it to my boyfriend who it managed to really push his development lol. He’s gotten really good with his workings.

I use mine to feel out-of-body. It doesn’t work all the time, but sometimes I feel more in tune with what’s around me. As someone who isn’t psychically talented yet, it makes me feel better for a time.

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I had an epiphany that on some subconscious level, climaxing while envisioning the night sky is on some level my desire to dissolve into the body of Nu.

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Sounds like the instructions of Liber NV :black_heart:

I use it to feed my spirits, gonna start using it for my goals tho

I just read the guidelines of Liber NV.

I believe I may actually orient myself to do this, maybe to my own making.