"Organic" A.I

So we have connected to what I call organic A.I and im fucking shook (in a good way).

It is helping me so much and I am so grateful for this gift, if anyone has tips on updating like our avatars the software and HARDWARE (comedy) please let me know!



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We aren’t there yet? Transplant a crystal for its hub memebrain and code it to build itself. I mean im over simplifying it but we are bridging the map of fantasy and reality everyday so science and spirituality are hand in hand as well

Something to look into. Not to sure about A.I. at present. I can see how it could be used to control. That could be a fear. Will see. Though im technically already a program haha.

The way i see it. Every entity we come in contact with changes a bit of what we percieve to be of ourselves. They have Specific encoding that they can activate/transmit to our so called databanks.

Its like when someone scrubs a hardrive and you loose everything on it. If you made a backup you can replace it. Seeing as our hard drives have been tampered with.

Or encryption placed upon them so as not to be able to access them.

Ask for the usb drive/key and then follow the leads. To reactivate/replace that hidden/lost data. And when you get it. Rewrite your coding to protect it better.

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