Ordered the black book of azathoth

So a few weeks ago I ordered the black book of azathoth. And on another order I ordered the ritual mat and amulet bundle. When it arrived I opened the box that contained the book. Everything was as it should be. When I opened the second box of the amulet and mat order only the amulet was in the box. I was charged for the full bundle, and i really don’t know what to do. I made a ticket on the support page 5 days ago though I have yet to be contacted. I have always had good business with this site so in a little miffed.

I know this isn’t the place for this but I really don’t know how else to contact these guys without flooding the support page with tickets and that would be rather rude. In not asking for a refund just the merchandise I played for. 200+ dollars is a lot to pay for something that didn’t arrive.

Any help would be much appreciated.

This seems to happen a lot, the support desk being a little slow to respond, I want to stress that there’s no-one here on the forum who can help, maybe give support 48 hours more because in every other situation, anyone who’s started a thread here or whatever HAS gotten a reply, it just took a bit longer than expected.

Update the ticket to that effect, don’t open a new one because that will just get queued, but you can update the current one to say you’re still awaiting a response.

I think people who have this problem need to start using magick to make the support desk go faster. Sounds a bit hypocritical not to, considering magick is a tool of efficiency, lol.

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