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BREAKING: Two World Leaders In Qliphothic Magic Unlock The First Draconian Tarot System With An All-New Demon-Powered Deck Of 78 Sinister Cards And Guide To Gnosis With The Serpent Of Chaos**

Dear Friend,

I’d like to present my newest project, Oraculum Leviathan. It entails a highly advanced Draconian tarot deck by me, and a full-length, grimoire-guide authored by my magical partner Bill Duvendack. This special pair includes a full deck of 78 hauntingly beautiful cards, essential spread ideas, and a completely exclusive Leviathan Spread. Together, the tarot deck and companion grimoire form a complete tarot system exclusively for Left Hand Path magicians.

The whole project was inspired by my lifelong personal work with the Qliphoth and magic of the Dark Tree, and those who are already working with my books on this subject will find the entire tarot system to be a powerful, much-needed addition to the already existing material.

The Newest Advancement In Qliphothic Magic — Pioneering The First Complete Left Hand Path Tarot System Exclusively For The Draconian Tradition

The tarot itself is an old form of divination that has achieved wide popularity over the last century, and while the tarot is commonly found in mainstream spirituality, very few decks embrace Left Hand Path themes, and none refer to the Draconian Tradition specifically. There are darker-themed decks, but there has never been a complete system exclusively for those who walk the Path of the Dragon — at least until now. In my deck, you will discover magical imagery and symbolism designed specifically for you as a Left Hand Path magician, and especially if you work with Qliphothic Magic.

What’s also important is that my tarot deck comes together with a full, in-depth grimoire featuring entire chapters dedicated to revealing the occult knowledge behind every single card — it compares and contrasts traditional tarot with my Oraculum Leviathan tarot. In other words, this is the first complete tarot deck referring to themes from the Draconian Tradition and its practical application in modern magic.

How To Harness Qliphothic Magic Of The Dark Gods, Realms, And Tunnels With Tarot For Initiation On The Path Of The Dragon

The idea to create this deck has been in my mind for many years. Many times, while posting my artwork online or displaying it at art shows, I was asked, “Why don’t you make your own tarot deck to accompany your books?”

While looking around for the already available Left Hand Path decks, I realized the reason behind all these questions — no one has ever created a deck and grimoire pair that would reflect all that I work with and write about in my books: Draconian Tradition, Left Hand Path philosophy, the Qliphoth, and Luciferian Magic. There are tarot decks for each of these traditions separately, but none that would embrace them all as a coherent and applicable magical system. Oraculum Leviathan is therefore a unique deck among all the others, presenting a set of occult images that will lead the practitioner straight into gnosis of the Qabalistic Tree of Knowledge, Qliphothic realms and tunnels, and esoteric concepts existing within the self-initiatory Path of the Dragon.

Oraculum Leviathan — A Once-In-A-Lifetime Synergy Between Two Fearless Pioneers Of Draconian Magic

I have used many tarot decks in my personal practice for over 20 years, mostly for clairvoyant meditation and astral travel, but I never worked with other people in regard to divination and interpretation of the cards in day-to-day life. Giving readings to people was simply never a part of my path.

Although I have worked as a professional designer and illustrator for over a decade, I didn’t want to be one of these artists that created a tarot deck purely for aesthetic reasons, without having any genuine knowledge and understanding of its meaning and practical use. I wanted my tarot deck to be both profound in its meaning and comprehensible to use for those who would work with it. Pure aesthetics was simply not good enough.

This changed when I started working with Bill. At that moment, I realized that his background as a professional tarot reader, my artistic skills, and our experience in Draconian Magic provided a perfect opportunity to create a deck that would embrace all that I wanted: visuals inspired by magical work, solid research into the meaning of concepts and symbols depicted in the images, and instructions on how to use it in a practical way. All this is found in Oraculum Leviathan.

The Ancient, Uncensored Truth About Leviathan, The Serpent Of Chaos, And The Path Of The Dragon — And How To Enter High Gnosis Through Tarot Magic

The title of the deck refers to the mythical serpent known as the Serpent of Chaos. In the ritual system presented in my books Leviathan represents the “Dragon” as the primal, atavistic force of creation and destruction that underlies all evolution and entropy in the universe. It is the force behind the whole Draconian Tradition and a vehicle of illumination and growth on the Path of the Dragon.

In the Draconian Tradition, Leviathan is both the Inner and the Outer Dragon — the primal force of all creation and all destruction and the inner evolutionary potential of man. In the macrocosmic sense, Leviathan is the very beginning, the original cosmic force that gave rise to the universe. On the microcosmic level, the Serpent of Chaos represents the innermost source of continuous transformation and timeless existence, the principle that activates and binds all processes of the Self. It is therefore a perfect symbol to work with for a practitioner of Draconian magic, both in its Qliphothic aspect and as a reference to the magic of the Left Hand Path in general.

The companion grimoire is equally as important as the deck itself, though. It starts with a journey through the deck with a brief history of the tarot in general. This is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of experience in working with the tarot. This is followed by explanation on how you can work with it and use the symbolism and imagery presented in the cards in practice. Then we have the explanation of the symbolism included in the Major Arcana, followed by the Minor Arcana – Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands. Finally, we have three layouts: A Sample Layout, the Leviathan Layout and the Ceremonial Layout – which are provided here for those who will use the deck in divination.


Here’s A “Tip Of The Iceberg” Summary Of What A Serious Qliphothic Magician & Black Witch Will Learn With Oraculum Leviathan…

With the Oraculum Leviathan tarot deck & grimoire, you will:

  • Discover 78 completely new, original tarot portraits featuring the long-suppressed, now-uncensored themes of Qliphothic Magic
  • Tap into, harness, and anchor the magick of the Qliphothic Realms, Tunnels, and Dark Gods & Goddesses
  • Learn the fundamental occult origins and history of the most popular divination system in the world
  • Exactly how to utilize the tarot as portals for advanced astral projection, voluntary lucid dreaming, and clairvoyant meditation
  • Gain access to definitive art presenting the black magical concepts within the Draconian Tradition, the Qliphoth, and the Left Hand Path in general.
  • How to precisely utilize tarot magic to ignite ascent in your personal left Hand Pathworking
  • Receive an unprecedented depth of cutting edge knowledge about the Draconian and Qliphothic currents
  • Obtain high-powered tools that harness the sorcery of the Dark Gods & Goddess innate to the Draconian Path and the Dark Tree

Order Oraculum Leviathan RIGHT NOW And Receive:

  1. Oraculum Leviathan: 78-card, tricolor, tarot deck & box
  2. Oraculum Leviathan: 185-page, color grimoire in black leather & cloth
  3. Leviathan’s Chest: Mahogany box with latch and sigil on lid
  4. Grimoire Guard: Velvet bag to protect mint condition
  5. Global Shipping: Receive in two weeks or less


Sinister Symbols — A Crash Course In Dark Magical Imagery That Features Dragons, Warriors, Incubi, Ghosts, Sea Monsters, Zombies, Skeletons & Necromancers

In Oraculum Leviathan, the suits are presented by means of the Draconian and Left Hand Path imagery, unlike other tarot decks, which usually focus on the general meaning of these notions. And so, the Suit of Wands includes dragons and warriors representing the fiery aspect of the path. The Suit of Swords shows succubi and incubi, spirits existing on the astral plane, which represent the connection to the element of air. The Suit of Cups is presented by means of watery creatures, octopi and monstrous entities, resembling those known from the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos and the Necronomicon. And finally, the Suit of Pentacles includes zombies, skeletons and necromancers working their magic to uncover the treasures of the earth. The difference that makes them unique is that they have been developed and expanded by visions obtained through my personal work with the Dark Gods and Goddesses.


The Entire Draconian Tarot Distilled Into A 185-Page Grimoire Containing All 72 Cards In Vivid Tricolor With Their In-Depth Meanings

1. RED: The Red Dragon & The Blood Of Lilith
The color standing out in the imagery of the deck is red. This is the color of fire and passion, blood and sacrifice, energy and willpower. In the Draconian Tradition, the red color stands for blood that is offered in rites of self-initiation, passion that drives us on the path, and energy that makes all creation and all destruction possible. One of the primary symbols of the Draconian Tradition is the Red Dragon, which stands for the source of energy that we all have within us and throughout the ages has been known as Kundalini, Prana, Chi, Orgone, Ruah, the Breath of Life, and under many other names. This energy is the life-force of every living being. It is lust, creativity, willpower, courage, desire, and all that drives us to achieve our goals. Red is therefore the foremost symbol of the Fire Snake, the energy behind all growth and evolution, and it is the attribute of the Dark Feminine – the blood of Lilith, the first and the last initiatrix on the path.

2. BLACK: The Abyss & The Canvas Of Creation
The second color used in the deck is black. Generally, black has many negative associations. It is the color of death and mourning, grief and depression, evil and ill-wishing. In its positive sense, it stands for mystery, initiation and power. It is feared because the power it carries is unknown, hidden, unrevealed to the eyes of the profane. In Draconian magic, black represents the absence, the emptiness, the void. It is the black canvas onto which we project our will in order to manifest it on the physical plane. It is the color of the ritual outfit that we wear to make ourselves invisible for the sake of solitude and protection. It is the symbol of each rite of passage, in which something dies so that something new might enter our life. Black holds all other colors within, creating a powerful tool for a magician working with the Left Hand Path. It also stands for the shadow side of the Fire Snake, signifying the force of death as complementary to that of life.

3. WHITE: Revelation, Illumination & The Light Bearer
The third color used in the deck is white. It is often said that what black hides, white uncovers. It is the color of light and understanding, perfection and purity, wholeness and completion. It is the symbol of a new beginning, enlightenment and clarity, a new stage on the initiatory path after walking through the Dark Night of the Soul. In the Draconian Tradition, white is the color of revelation and illumination as well. One of the patron deities of the path is Lucifer, the Light Bearer, who appears as the Morning Star each time at sunrise to herald the beginning of a new day. This is the beginning of the path and of each stage within it, followed and preceded by darkness that stands for each rite of passage in the initiatory process.

Both The Tarot Deck And Grimoire-Guide Are In Full Vivid Color

The colors used in the deck are important, but so is all the imagery included in the cards. Traditionally, the Major Arcana represent an initiatory journey, from the Fool, which signifies stepping into the unknown, to the World, which stands for the completion of the path. Usually, this path is associated with the Tree of Life and in many depictions of this Qabalistic concept we find tarot cards ascribed to the particular paths and realms. In Oraculum Leviathan, this is a journey through the Tree of Knowledge. Each of the cards depicts a different archetype that is worked with or encountered at the particular stages of the journey. While these archetypes signify the major concepts and greater rites of passage, the Minor Arcana reflect the ordeals and tribulations that we are faced with in our day-to-day life, showing a temporary influence that affects us at a particular moment.

The Complete Oraculum Leviathan — How To Save 20% Right Now

The Complete Oraculum Leviathan features three, painstakingly hand-crafted talismans that you literally cannot find anywhere else:

Craft 1. Oraculum Leviathan – Tarot Deck By Asenath Mason

This complete, 72-card, purely Draconian, tarot deck illustrated and consecrated exclusively for Left Hand Pathworkers and Qliphothic Magicians who need a divination system that accommodates their eternal ascent. Oraculum Leviathan features the traditional divisions of Major & Minor Arcana and Suits, but adapted to the Left Hand Path with sinister symbols and themes like dragons, incubi, demons, witches, skeletons, necromancers, and more.

Craft 2. Oraculum Leviathan – Grimoire Guide By Bill Duvendack

This 185-page, color-printed, hardback grimoire bound in black leather or cloth provides a full initiation into the Qliphothic Tarot and looks hauntingly beautiful in person. It contains an in-depth introduction to all 72 cards accompanied by their vivid tarot portraits to guarantee that learn how to unlock their power and perform extensive tarot readings.

Bonus: It reveals the Leviathan’s Spread formulated for divination gnosis by black witches.

Craft 3. Leviathan’s Chest – Mahogany Sigil Box

A gorgeous, custom-made, hinge-box in mahogany wood with a golden latch, it protects and houses your tarot deck and precious stones — like a dragon. Furthermore, it features the Seal of Leviathan on its lid to consecrate your tarot deck while not in use. Leviathan’s Chest acts as a talisman by itself but further empowers the tarot deck and grimoire when altogether in a synergy. You can save ANY personal talismans in here, like paper sigils, statuettes, stones, feathers, candles, and of course, a tarot deck.

Get 20% Off The Complete Oraculum Leviathan Kit

Altogether, these three hand-crafted goods constitute The Complete Oraculum Leviathan, and when you place your order for them together, you receive a discount.

Every one of these individual goods would normally cost between 99-199 by themself, because they each contain priceless knowledge, the highest craftsmanship, and historic rarity. In other words, if you placed an order for each one alone, it could cost as much as $499 or higher. However, to help make this as affordable as possible, I have insisted on lowering this tuition to a rate of only 399, to give you $100 off and help you save 20% right now. Please act now though, because The Complete Oraculum Leviathan exists in extremely limited edition, and as it sells out, this rate will rise probably.


Become An Oracle Of Leviathan And Let My Demonic Tarot Unlock Clairvoyant Visions Of The Nightside For Your As It Did For Me

Every image included in Oraculum Leviathan was inspired by the tarot symbolism, but developed and expanded by visions obtained through my personal work with every concept and archetype presented on the particular cards. As an active practitioner and initiate of the Draconian/Typhonian Tradition, I approached this work from a magical perspective and focused on depicting the journey through the Tree of Knowledge that I have undergone myself and now I teach to my friends, students and ritual partners through my books and rituals conducted in person.

Therefore, if you are familiar with my writings, this tarot deck will enhance your personal work with this fascinating magical tradition. If not, you will find a detailed explanation of each card on the pages of this book, together with instructions of how to use it in a practical way. You can use this deck for divination as well as meditation, scrying and astral journeys into realms and concepts portrayed here, and you can also enhance your rituals by using the cards as altar decorations or meditate with them before sleep to enhance lucid dreaming and trigger magically inspired dreams. I have designed this deck for other Draconian Initiates and for anyone interested in working with the tarot symbolism from the Left Hand Path perspective, and I hope that all of you will find it a useful and effective tool in your work.

Darkest Blessings,



Ordered mine a couple of hours ago. Cant wait for it to arrive.

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Seems really cool, but I’m too poor to buy this.

After I’m done with my current operation, I was thinking about doing some hardcore wealth generating magicks so I can afford stuff like this.


It’s a very lovely deck, that’s obvious.
200$ for just the deck by itself? That’s a bit much considering any other person could have made something akin to it. Especially since it’s just a tarot deck. (For the record I actually like it and want it, but that’s too big of a price, imo)


199 for deck and grimoire

You mean the grimoire that practically every deck comes out with? I’ve been reading cards a hell of a lot longer than you. There is no rhyme, reason or argument for that tarot deck at it’s lowest price to be 200$.


Cloth is premium. Especially for a book.

No one wants to fucking argue with you, do it somewhere else.

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I agree. 200 for the deck and book is a bit much. I was hoping that it’d be a bit cheaper as well. That is what stopped me from getting it off the bat. Now, its become something Ill have to save for, and is it worth saving for? That question I am unsure about. We will see what happens.


That is for you to decide. How much do you want it?

Exactly. On one hand, its beautiful and it is quality. But on the other it’s not hard to tweak the meanings to a LHP perspective and you can more than likely find something just like it for less than 50 U.S.D and its clearly a copy and paste of Asenath’s art made into cards. Regardless of whether or not the book is made of cloth makes no difference. The deck by itself is not worth more than 70$ and the material of the book should not jack the price up that high.

If it were me i would have posted it at 100$ at the most.


Hmm… You know what. I just realized I can totally afford that. Technically. I forgot I get commissions and I have a credit card. Fuck it.

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As a tarot and Oracle reader/collector of many years I’m kind of shocked about this beautiful and special deck. To me it’s crazy overpriced. I have other decks that are qliphothic and they come with a hardcover book and they’re still around $100, and that’s the price of the specialty edition versus the regular edition ($50). I feel whoever priced this isn’t familiar with tarot deck pricing in general. People will still buy it at this price though, so I guess those few who can own it, will.


Technically it’s 218.99 when you add shipping.

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The combination of red and black makes it more special. Very impressive graphics and design.

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I laid the trump out recently in tableau form and was really struck by just how pretty the gradients are, especially the red. Asenath has a good eye for flow.


I ordered and received it. @Lady_Eva can I write a review on it, on here?


Wow! $200 for what amounts to a paint job on a tarot deck is vastly overpriced; even if the cost is attributed to the accoutrements it ships with, price ought to be relevant to the actual utility of it, for that price I expected it to be an oracular deck of that size rather than a recontextualization!

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