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Earth’s Most Complete Guide To The Magick Of Belial
Humanity’s Official Contact With The First
Demonic Gatekeeper From The Outer Darkness

None Enter Into The Infernal Empire Without
First Passing Through Belial’s Gate

I’ll declare it honestly…

The last four months have utterly obliterated me. I embarked on literally the most insane pathworking of my life with Belial only — a full-on, no-holds-barred dedication of my time and magick to the First Demonic Gatekeeper.

Our psychic union became so immersive that I could no longer separate myself and him. When it became time to culminate our pact in an ultimate possession ritual, I did not need to because he completely animated my psychology and body already.

Every time I entered the Rapture, I could feel him kick in and take over my brain at which point his astral world enveloped my field of view and my vocal cords channelled his voice in deep-throated ramblings like a second personality had come alive.

Belial provided open-eyed visions on my black mirror and a classic possession channeling experience. You will find uncensored transcriptions of my experiences and magick of three other authors in Compendium of Belial — available in 200 black leather copies right now.

A Comprehensive Suite That Tells The Uncensored True Story Of Belial And The Ancient Covenant Between Demons And Humans For The First Time

Four-Grimoire Compendium — 200 Black Leather Copies Only
Book 1: Grimoire of Belial - E.A. Koetting
Book 2: Black Alchemy of Belial - Kurtis Joseph
Book 3: The Revealed Path of Belial - Asenath Mason
Book 4: The Hidden Path of Belial - Edgar Kerval


Course Pathworking — Lifetime Online Access
Apocalypse of Belial - E.A. Koetting


Double-Certified Blood Pact — The Witches Night of Walpurgisnacht
Group Evocation: Full Moon of Belial - E.A. Koetting & Kurtis Joseph


You will find every rite, sigil, seal, and discourse necessary to connect with The First Demonic Gatekeeper to an extent that has never previously been possible in history. This first edition Compendium of Belial exists in only 200 black leather copies; the video course provides lifetime online access; and the Full Moon of Belial ritual transpires on The Witches Night of April 30th — also called Walpurgisnacht or Hexennacht in Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands. A remarkable Full Pink Moon crosses into The Witches Night which allows Belial to merge with this earth plane with unprecedented force, and we will harness this for you with a double-certified blood pact. Find out more on the next page…

The stars and moon have literally aligned for this…

Godlike Power,



Does this include Belial’s Rage?

No, it does not.

@DarkestKnight :rofl:

What? I have the book. it does not include the ritual of Belial’s Rage. It is more about chaneled information and communion with the Gatekeeper.

i just find a lot of things funny and laugh a lot… you keep popping up everywhere on my posts this afternoon and I keep looking for a way to find Belial’s Rage… i just think the whole situation is hilarious lol yes it is serious in a way although i feel a light hearted approach will not only be a win for my brother but for the whole magick community- obviously i do appreciate your response, so thanks for that :smiley:

@DarkestKnight is one of THE most sincere and serious people to help members on here, just cut the attitude and focus on the need, your own mastery of YOUR world, and not scoring points on the internet like a moron.

Welcome to a NEW world in which accountability and maturity is expected: enjoy your stay.


Is it possible to buy the Belial compendium in PDF? I am Brazilian and I do not speak anything in English, I end up using google translator, and through Google Translate it is possible to translate PDF files. So the question is if I can only buy a PDF version so that I can read it translated.

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No, the Compendiums were just released so they are not available in an electronic format yet.



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Hi, are these still available in leather or have they all gone ?

Go to the home page at becomealivinggod.com

Click on “books,” and then click on the grimoire and it will bring up the page which should tell you.


Excellent thank you DarkestKnight. I will give that ago

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