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ABADDON: The Angel Of The Abyss, Volume 4

How To Become The Lord Of Darkness Himself Through A Physical Incarnation Of Abaddon…
Here’s Your Guide To The Bottomless Pit

  • Evocation of Abaddon: Certified blood pact with Abaddon
  • Compendium of Abaddon: Group grimoire in leather & cloth editions
  • Pathworking of Abaddon: Lifetime online access to companion course
  • Coauthors: E.A. Koetting, Michael W. Ford, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart, Enoch B. Petrucelly & V.K. Jehannum
  • Foreword & Editor: Timothy
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  • Sample Chapter: Ch. 2 – Unlocking the Bottomless Pit

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MICHAEL W. FORD, author of Apotheosis:

This grimoire presents a really interesting approach to Left-Hand Path magick in that it explores Abaddon through a diversity of individualistic gnosis. My work is Apollyon explores the hidden history, etymology, and mythology of Abaddon. I strongly recommend this compendium — not just because I contributed to it — but because it provides an excellent study on how to approach Abaddon in your own unique magickal way. Every author reveals how they have explored Abaddon and uniquely adapted his energies, his deific masks, to their own initiatory practices.

EDGAR KERVAL, author of Diabolicum Herbarium:

Abaddon will be a powerful ally, if you know how to work with him. He unveils the secrets of darkness to us, guiding us to the perfect understanding of the diverse universes maps. Each working with abaddon has different characteristics, powers, secrets and information to open the paths to self-deification. Among his many functions, one is to be the Messenger of Destruction, and travel as an agent of chaos destroying worlds at different universes, so from there comes the name “Destroyer of Worlds.” He is the one who guides the Initiated into the Mysteries of the Void. Abaddon is a God who has many masks. He’s present in diverse cultures in different forms. Many people see him as the incarnation of the Devil, or as the opposer Satan himself.

Orlee Stewart, author of the Black Magician’s Guide to the Ars Goetia:

The work I composed for the Compendium of Abaddon began almost a decade ago. It was the most visceral and pure experience of descending into the occult which transformed me into something beyond the confines of anything I thought was humanly possible. I had attempted to write of this many times and was never able to fully articulate these experiences until now. The work was not over and it was only until writing for this compendium that I was able to fully comprehend what had occurred and continues to manifest. Abaddon’s magick opened the gateway for the ultimate rebirth into spiritual strength through my own incorporeal death.

V.K. Jehannum, author of Apollyon:

A book composed of several magickians’ views of the same spirit is an awesome concept and I am excited to be a part of it. Abaddon has pushed me to better myself when I was complacent and protected me from horrors most magickians don’t believe exist. It is my pleasure to present hardcore knowledge and a working ritual praxis that will lead other magickians towards a rewarding experience with this wonderful demonic god.

Enoch B. Petrucelly, author of The Black Witch:

I have always enjoyed Abaddon’s presence and warrior-like energy since the beginning of my time working with him as one of the entities that I would conjure to hold the space in my temple. His warrior-like energy gave me confidence that my enemies could not and would not dare to try to interfere in my Magick and Rites. When E.A. Koetting asked me to participate in his Compendium during a podcast that we did together, I jumped at the opportunity enthusiastically. I had had a good amount of experience enjoying the powers of Hades in my life, who is another manifestation of the Destroyer God Abaddon. Hades being a Lord of the Dead gave me some solid gnosis and rites to contribute to the Compendium that I just had to share with the world!

Bill Duvendack, author of Qliphothic Astrology:

Abaddon has always interested me, so when the offer to collaborate on this project, I immediately jumped on it. Like most people, I was familiar with Abaddon through the Christian lens, but that was about it. Working on this book gave me the chance to do some further exploration.
Being familiar with Thelema, I was also familiar with the concept of the Beast from that system, which added to my curiosity, and it was a true joy to intertwine the two into my essay included in here. Since I had very little experience with Abaddon (even though the interest was strong), I more or less went into this like a blank slate. Because of this, I found some connections that I have not seen people discuss before, and it is my joy to share them with you in my essay.

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E.A. Koetting – The Grimoire Of Abaddon

Here’s The Angel Of The Bottomless Pit’s Ultimate Grimoire Of Necromantic Sorcery, Baneful Magick & Binding Spells… Learn To Harness The Unlimited Power Of Dark Goddess Kali In Her Most Lawless Form, And Find Out Why E.A. Evoked & Cursed The Archangels To Their Faces — A MUST READ

  • A behemoth 33,000-word Book of Shadows filled with highly enlightening & often terrifying encounters with Abaddon, Azazel, Belial, Amaymon, Kali, the Archangels & more — a full-length 100-page book in itself — p.37-135
  • True “overcoming the odds” story of how E.A. performed black magick to resurrect a dying “road to nowhere” life in his early 30’s to FINALLY find his path to godhood — p.46-7
  • How to perform ancient Hindu japa meditation with a mala, mantra & more to “drop mind” and open your Third Eye for revelation with the darkest female mask of Abaddon, known as Kali, Mother of Death — p.50-6

What’s being summoned, what’s being created here is the manifestation of the Father, The Lord of Darkness, manifested in physical form as the Prince of Darkness, called by prophecy the Antichrist.
This is not Satan. This is older than Amaymon. It is even older, greater, deeper than Abaddon, the Lord of Darkness.
This is a force, an entity, a Supreme Being that I’ve learned to call The Father when speaking casually. When I’m speaking ceremonially, when I’m speaking ritually, when I’m speaking in the magickal tongue, this is a being that I refer to as Satolas. — p.58

  • Origin & eschatology of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, cosmology of the Infernal Empire, and relationship dynamics between nobility like Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Darkness, the Antichrist & the Father — p.58-60
  • Live transcription of calling down the Four Demonic Kings with Lucifer, submerging into the Lake of Fire, my recipe of a Demogorgon Elixir, and accompanied Roman Ritual exorcism — p.61-5

I was not merely issuing threats, but I armed every statement with fixed intent and magickal Will, arming the words as weapons, curses laid against the Archangel.
The angel suffocated the moment that his sigil touched the Elixir, and every word I spoke cemented his torment.
“Uriel, this is but the Sword of my Ancestors,” I informed him. “It is but a symbol. There is another sword that I have, another sword that I hold. I myself am the Sword of Azazel!” — p.69

  • Live transcription of summoning Archangels of the Watchtowers, baptizing them in Marks of Damnation & their ensuing belligerence toward my destroying the Kingdom of God — my black-blood curse on Raphael, Michael, Gabriel & Uriel with my Hand of Darkness — p.66-9
  • Black energy body techniques called Black Renunciation & Heretical Hubris that mirror the Will to Power & Eternal Recurrence of the cosmos through annihilation of limitation & aggrandizement of black energy — p.81-97
  • Jiva-Samsara Karma Trap — Necessary ritual formula, ritual elements, status idols & deific orations to perform a binding curse through Pomba Gira that forces your victim’s most painful emotional traumas to re-surface, bind, and suffocate them — p.101-13
  • The Monster God, the Black Sphinx & the Locust Army — three high-powered clairvoyant rites of the magickal imagination for progressive initiation — p.115-28

This is the process of the creation of the Devil’s Idol. Once complete, it will no longer be a human skull, but it will be the Devil’s Skull, a direct link to the Lord of Darkness, whose eyes will burn red in the empty sockets, whose voice will be heard from the cracked teeth, whose dark power will radiate from within the bones. — p.129

  • The Devil’s Idol — Extreme Version — The ultimate necromantic ritual that comprises reanimation of a human skull through Jiva-liberation and sealing the soul by the Ze’al Chakra, then reincarnational possession empowered by the Unborn Ones, Akepheru — p.129-35
  • Completion of the First Cycle a.k.a. The Ignition Cycle consisting of full communion with Belial, Amaymon, Azazel & Abaddon thus locking their Gates open within you — p.135

2. Michael W. Ford – Apollyon: The True Origins Of The Biblical Demon

Get Your “PhD In Demonology” With This Academic Masterclass In The Arcane Historical Origins Of Abaddon… Discover The REAL Truth About His Deific Incarnations As Mot In Canaan, Apollo In Greece, And His Connexions To The Qliphoth, Locust Demons & Hell Realms

  • The Talisman of the Angel of Death for Power as channelled into a human, printed form by Akhtya — p.137
  • Three historic, magickal portraits of Abaddon as Apollyon from earlier civilizations— p.138-40
  • The Quintessence of Apotheosis — helpful clarification & commentary on supreme ambitions of numerous magickal traditions like Thelema, Luciferianism & modern Left Hand Pathworking… comparing & contrasting their “high magick” concepts like the Holy Guardian Angel, Incarnation of the Daemon, and to Become A Living God.

After the Attainment and Illumination of your Daemon, if it is your Will, the journey and crossing of the Abyss will occur; often a shocking and terrifying experience in which the essence of the individual is revealed and only the strength and will of the Luciferian can master this darkness and chaos. — p.141

  • Logic behind the dynamic relationship of high points & pitfalls on a soul journey: Initiation, Attainment & Illumination, Crossing the Abyss, Outer Darkness, Chaos & more — and why a Luciferian Witch a.k.a. Brother or Sister of Witch Blood copes with the dangers of ascent better than anyone else — p.141
  • Precise etymological analysis and historical roots of Abaddon as an underworld place of damnation for the dead — p.143-4

The Luciferian must embrace the demonic not as merely a destroying force, not even “evil” beyond chosen aims; the demonic forms all are grounded in specific types of energies and associations the Deific Mask represents. A horned devil, winged as a bat, a body green and black with grotesque mockeries of animals and reptiles, the claws and talons of a bird of prey all have hidden meaning. — p.146

  • Deciphering the occult meaning of Abaddon in the Book of Revelation from the New Testament of the Christian Bible — p.147-8
  • Exhuming the true origins of Abaddon in ancient Canaanite Mot the God of Death in Ugaritic lore, particularly the myth of Shachar & Shalim — p.148
  • Resurrecting a magick connexion back to Olympian deity Apollo Hekatos the “shooter from afar” then Appaliunas the father lion and his final association to destruction as king of locusts — p.149-50
  • A journey through the god’s future inverted syncretistic enhancements as Demonic King of the Abyss & Angel of the Bottomless Pit and incarnation as Canaanite, Syrian and Egyptian deity Resheph the Lord of Arrows — p.150-1

Luciferians reject the cosmology of the Hebrew god, finding that the Qliphoth in a Hermetic sense is the key to the theurgic balance of the Adversary as defined in various ancient pantheons containing the origins of Qliphothic demons and fallen angels. — p.153

  • Insights into the cosmology of the Qliphoth, the Seven Layers of Hell, and the Shadow Place of Abaddon — p.152-3
  • Breakthrough discoveries in the magick behind the Neo-Assyrian Locust Demons, Sedu & Lamassu, and findings related to Akkadian scorpion deities, the Girtablullu, and their combined morphological connexions to Abaddon as King of Locusts in Revelation— p.155-8
  • The Hymns of Exterminans — a ceremony to invoke the Black Sun and open the Abyss — p.159-60

3. Edgar Kerval – Abaddon: The God Of Death & Destruction

Embark On A Fearless Immersion Into Abaddon’s Necromancy Through Forbidden Knowledge Of Blood Magick & Ritual Sacrifice… Undergo The Initiatory Path Of Fire By Evoking Two Demonic Masks, The Hunter & Vampire Predator

4. Bill Duvendack – Ululate Exitium: The Great Beast

An Occult Survey Of The Demonology Behind Abaddon That Reveals The Powerful Connexions Between The “Great Beast” Megatherium, “The Shadow” From Dr. Carl Jung & H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dweller On The Threshold”

5. Orlee Stewart – Liber Inferi : The Book Of Hell

Hear The Crazy But True Stories Of A Black Witch And Her Descent Into Hell With The “Forerunners Of The Apocalypse”… Unlock Mysteries From The Book Of Revelation With Help From Aleister Crowley & John Dee

6. V.K. Jehannum – Apollyon: The Abyssal God Of Thaumiel & The Black Sun

Access A Painstakingly Comprehensive Reference Work On The Dark Angel Abaddon And His Magick Correspondences… Learn To Perform 19 Demonic Invocations, Sphereworkings & Rites To Awaken Your Deification

7. Enoch B. Petrucelly – Hades: Crossing The Abyss Into Non-Being

A High-Powered Grimoire On Hades The Greek God Of Death Along With His Magick Connexions, Sigil, And Evocation Ritual… Undertake The Initiation Rite Of Crossing The Abyss To Access The Underworld Also Known As “The Void” And “Universe B”

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Hello! I’m sorry to ask, but what’s that sign on the cover? Today I accidentally saw it on the website, and remembered that this sign was seen in the dream. Anb the letter “B” was still there. :face_with_monocle:

Just got the book, started reading, and am looking forward to diving in to the ritual work. Awesome authors to look forward to… I’m in the introduction at the moment. I’ve worked through each of the gatekeeper grimoires, all of which are excellent compendiums, but I feel like Timothy always starts them off talking shit and/or making questionable generalizations about things like yoga (in the Lucifer compendium; yoga saved my life and has profoundly enhanced the spiritual evolution of countless others, by the way), LHP/RHP distinctions that are based more on something Nietzsche said and anarchist political views than on an objective evaluation of the internal diversity within either of those causal categories, and theism of any kind (Satan forbid that anyone interact with any non-physical entity as a powerful living being worthy of respect as such). A Christian anarchist (yes, they exist) or a Satanic fascist (they definitely exist, too) would overturn the validity of the highly dualistic table on page 21. I even like Nietzsche and tend to agree with anarchist ideals, but the way things like mysticism and belief in divinity/absolute being (oṃ namaḥ śivāya, Śaiva Tantra being the source of the term “left hand path”) are inaccurately glossed and prematurely dismissed (as though there were no experiential gnosis or tangible benefits/evidence resulting from contemplative practice to support such beliefs) made me want to comment. Ave Dominus Abaddon.

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Maybie you need to work with Abbadon

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