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:sun_with_face: AWAKENING LUCIFER By Asenath Mason & Bill Duvendack!

:fire: Ignite the magical fire of Luciferian Gnosis. Explore the masks of Lucifer and connect with his 11 most inspiring god-forms.

Asenath illuminates what you will learn in her grimoire:

  • 11 gnostic masks of the Luciferian Archetype
  • How to ignite the Magic of Luciferian Gnosis
  • Modern initiation rites into the Current
  • Key breakthroughs in demonic etymology
  • Ways to harness Luciferian Sorcery to ascend on the path of self-deification

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The Lucifer Chronicles

  • Leather compendium in royal blue

Awakening Lucifer

  • Black leather version
  • Black cloth version


YES! It’s finally here guys!

Im like a kid in a candy store! I got my Lucifer Chronicles package today. WoW its a work of art! I have most of EAKs work in ebook, And A. Masons in paperback. Ive definitely missed out from not having the physical copies. The quality is excellent. Love the Sigil piece as well. Art is wonderful.


I wonder if anyone here has written a review of the book? I ordered my copy this morning an excited to read it :blush: