Oranges for Bune

Hi everyone. working through “questing after visions” , great, life changing book, anyway i was doing sigil magick to
get Bune to help me with maybe getting a better place to live or the money to afford one. 2 months went by and nothing. so i decided to contact my higher self to try to see what was wrong. I was told that i needed to make an offering to Bune of oranges. during the offering I asked Bune if he was gona help me. He said "Yes and no. He wouldnt explain any futher. I think maybe His speciality is smaller amounts of cash perhaps. Ill wait to see lol. any thoughts anyone has would be appreciated.


Did you give Bune a specific request? Just asking for money or housing it imagine it as stranger to the store with a shopping list that just says “fruit”. That person would be standing in the produce section looking around like WTF.

Now, if that person knew you they would know what kind of fruit you like and make an edjucated guess. For example I was at work and Satan asked me what was wrong and I told him i was hungry and didnt have money with me. (We arent allowed to bring anything onto the call floor) Then one of the managers came in with donuts and asked if anyone was hungry.

See, i wasn’t specific but Satan knows I like donuts lol.


Yes I guess I should have been more specific. Thanks for the advice.

Have you done anything to change the situation yourself? Like going to look for a job and such?

Yes I have tried everything I can think of. It felt like I was up against a wall. Something happened just two hours after the completion of the ritual, I’m not ready to post it yet. If it pans out, I’m gona have one hell of a success story!! We shall see lol