Opinions on where a person should be

In a week? A month? A year?

In terms of advancement of magic ability (with or without help of spirits), that is.

What should a magician he doing daily, and minimum amount of time required?


That’s a tough one brother. Really different for all, and even then it changes from day to day as life demands.

For me, though, every day I do the following no matter what, even if not all at once:


Meditate (15 20 minutes)

Read 10 pages (not even necessarily about magick, but it does develop me spiritually; think Binah)

Contemplate a Tarot card (recent addition)

Maintain my magickal journal, including dates, times, weather, emotional state, moon position and dream recollection.

Beyond that, it can be more, but never less. In total it takes about 45 minutes, but if I can I devote more. I try to make sure to charge and release at least 1 chaos sigil every week if for no other reason than to direct energy. I also like to perform an invocation of Jupiter lately, as it has been helping in keeping my excess Mars energy at bay.


I guess my answer is to take what I can from the forum, and take a vacation from the forum (and anything else that is seen as an escape or distraction) for a year, and see where I am then. If there is no improvement, then maybe that is time to accept its not for me, just some broke ass then atheist. If it does work out new and improved for me, then I may be back.


Yeah … I’m not sure I’m even putting in a solid hour or magic a day which probably explains it. I guess if I’m putting out the excuse for it that I couldn’t evoke, then I work more that day on my astral temple. If I say I can’t see my astral temple, then I sit my ass down and meditate and do asanas and pranayama. If I say I feel blah or sick, then I meditate on a single tarot card.
In short, I should have zero excuse for not putting in eight hours a day of magic work.
And yes, daily journal must be kept.


That’s kind of how it will be for awhile at first. At least in my experience. When I first began I didn’t see a lot of success but as I studied (everything lol), meditated, and developed the three powers and basics (harder to get down than most people think) I began to see inklings of success. I think the trick for me was just reminding myself that just because I heard a spirits voice in my head, it doesn’t mean it’s all my imagination and just because I see a spirit in my head, it doesn’t mean it’s just random images.


True, but mages of old, and some modern practitioners viewed it scientifically, and therefore viewed absolute proof necessary for a success.
I agree though, an experience is not always invalid.


Maybe you’re just stressing too much. Magick needs to be fun and exciting. Hell, maybe branch out and explore new systems and shit. It’s like that old quote by someone I can’t remember, “Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself.”


True, but real magic requires results.
Isn’t that the point of Koettings work?

I think it is completely individual. There is no one size fits all program “do this, and do that, and you will gain all the powers of the universe.”

Jason Miller says in his books that he personally devotes 2-3 hours a day to magick, not including anything he does for clients, but he also mentions one of his teachers could do incredible, unbelievable feats because he devoted years to magick with little sleep and food. To Miller, offerings and meditation should be done every day.

EA doesn’t give a bare minimum in his books but when he talks about his development, you get the sense that he lives and breathes magick 24/7. He relates everything back to it, even the most mundane things.

I am of the opinion that you do really get out of it what you put in to it, and like any skill, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Some things will come easier than others because every one comes with different innate abilities, but everything will develop with time.


Devil’s advocate, but that could be an issue in and of itself. If you are putting in huge blocks of time and not getting results at a pace you want it really might add to your discouragement. It’s kind of like a muscle. You could spend 8 hours in a day in a gym pumping free weights, but there is a point you reach where your body just cannot grow any more in the time given.


I agree 100% with @Woodsman81 break down of daily practice, the only thing i would add is one evocation session a week as well.

I’ve been there many times, too worn out from work and not wanting to do any of the practices, but honestly once you start meditating your energy level for the rest of the working that day should pick up even a little. If your energy level is low, that would be a good time for more contemplative meditations


Yeah, but honestly, I have tried … Angels, demons, other spirits.
At some point results are required, or
You have to call it off and refocus efforts elsewhere.

How much time have you devoted to developing yourself though?


And to be fair, a lot of good magicians have worked a lot with me, and some results are there. But I’m still materially on skid row which is not a help to/for me.

At minimum I would say three hours a day.

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In my beginner’s opinion the very least one should be doing is daily meditation. 30 mins is optimal, but even just 10 mins can help build key basic skills for magick.

That’s the attitude! Just be careful of burn-out. Magick still needs to be fun to have that spark, that passionate je ne sais quoi.


Are you trying for full manifestation? I personally see that as not the end all be all but if it happens it happens type deal, evocation to astral works just as well. but if you are finding it frustrating put it down for a week or two and focus on something else.

magickal workings work like all other workings, the moment you get frustrated at not getting results, the deeper you dig the hole of issues. I believe EA used the analogy of shooting a gun in one of his videos, if you miss the target a few times and get frustarted there is no way you’re making the shot, put the gun down take a break and try once your expectations and mind is cleared


100% of being an experienced mage is practicing.Look at me, I find astral travel boring ( because I have two toddlers smashing the peace around me and a baby kicking in my tummy).

In the first four months of my pregnancy I was too sick to do anything magical and I suffered.

In the 4th month when a bitch of a client attacked me and my husband and tried to fraudulently take money from us while threatening us and asking for money, I made the vinegar jar, hung up symbols of protection and vowed that never again would I forget I was a witch with many enemies.And by many trust me , I meant it that there are too many.Her brain must be deteriorated by now x

After that I started applying hoodoo, voodoo, evocations, cool stuff by Koetting on evocations etc and manipulation stuff on old and new clients and to all my life situations whether it was a sour relative or toddler scared by nightmares needing protection.I did the same spell in a jar , on my radionics machine and astrally at the same time.

I saw results, I saw people disappear right before they attacked me, I sweetened some creditors ( not all though) and my parents to help me financially.

Remember Magick is all about application.Daily goals may not seem as awesome as ascent but we need to survive and you know our kind needs to battle their way through life.

So please, no breaks, don’t give up.Find one goal daily no matter how petty and apply your magical powers to it.In a year or so you will be doing awesome x

I might be no so financially well now but I know I will squiggle a way out with my BALG friends which is why Please again, no breaks x birds of a feather flock together.

Take this advice with a glass of wine x lots of love from a BALG sister x


This is also not meant to he a personal gripe session per my past tantrums, but also advice for any and all people that feel they are where I’m at.
Per an old GD teacher of mine…
"heavy sigh Jamie, I like you. You’re a nice guy. A good person, even. You mean well. But you’re a damned fool. Your “reason why to work with Goetia” is so not right, it’s not even wrong. Perhaps when you’re a $250K in debt, you don’t seek out archdemons and Kings of Hell for help, you fucking file for bankruptcy.

You’ve been hacking at magic longer than I’ve actually known you and you’re still floating in That’s-Not-How-Any-Of-This-Works World. Here are my recommendations: Give up magic and get into therapy stat. Therapy will actually help you with your issues and quitting magic will stop your shadows from growing bigger than they already are by your own hand. But before you do, recognize the fact of how super-strong your personal angels are and thank them profusely for it. It’s a minor miracle you haven’t been astrally anal-raped by now. Or worse.

Peace out."

So, there is an alternate point, a point of futility. But until I (or any practitioner) is putting eight hours minimum a day, day in day out, doing the big three daily, we have no leg to stand on to say it doesn’t work. Still, verifiable results should be expected after 365x8 hours of authentic hard work.