Opinions on Astrology and Signs?

I’ve been digging into my astrological natal charts and researching my sign (Scorpio) and I’ve noticed that not many people discuss astrology on here. What do the fine people of BALG Forum think of this tradition/practice?


I LOVE ASTORLOGY!.. They can tell alot about people :)…


What I know is that all the zodiac signs are wrong: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.livescience.com/4667-astrological-sign.html

You have like 90% chance to have been assigned a wrong sign… All my life people told me I was a capricorn and I hated it because I didn’t feel like a capricorn at all. Turned out I was a sagittarius!! I knew I couldn’t have been a capricorn! The sagittarius personality matches me perfectly!

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Yeah well… I’m a Gemini… The good the bad Gemini… Some people’s have changed cause of time speeding up but no zodiac is wrong… I know my godfather was a Taurus all his life but cause time sped up he’s now a Gemini…

I’ve read my natal chart on an astrology website, but I can’t really say that I’ve researched the topic in great depth. I think that astrology does have some merit, but I believe that it would be better to have a pro astrologer analyze your chart to you than relying solely on free websites. The information on the websites just didn’t feel personalized enough to me.

Also, @Lola I’ve seen an article like this before, but I can’t really relate to that. I mean, I can’t really relate with Virgo, Libra is definitely a lot closer to my personality.

Maybe you’re ascendant libra? Sometimes you are more your rising sign. I’m not sure, once again there’s still a 10% chance that the sign you were assigned at birth was the right one.

Heehee, my father and I were born so deep in the heart of the Lion that even after the shift that added Ophiuchus, we remain Leos. I always thought that was interesting, though.

How about the Chinese Zodiac? I’m an Earth Serpent that way, and this is the link i use to figure that out:


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Funny enough, my mother is a Saggitarius reassigned to Ophiuchus, and my brother is a Gemini reassigned to Taurus

Astrology is much more complicated than just the sun sign. The other planets play a large part in the personality, success and even generation that a person lives in. For example, my sun is in Aries, and it’s strengthened by my Mars, Mercury and Saturn all being in Aries. Most people don’t expect me to be an Aries because my acendent is in Scorpio, and to keep my personality balanced I have a Virgo moon, so I act more like a Scorpio when I’m in public and I handle things in a Virgo sort of way, but my main personality is still Aries.
There are websites where you can plug in your date of birth, what city in which you were born and what time you were born to get your full chart. It will require a lot of digging if you want to interpret the entire thing by yourself, though. Also keep in mind that if you were born close to the beginning or end of the sign’s time span, you might be a different sign because the dates aren’t absolute.


What I’ve researched on Chinese Astrology says we all have two animals. One for our day and one for our hour, plus we have an element.

Each animal is also associated with yin or yang based on how many toes they have.
It’s very interesting, I know the planets are widely used in magick but does anyone use the Chinese Zodiac?

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I do i think its a great start on the whole know thy self front and what energies are good to work with as well how to be in better control when we deal with energies that aren’t so good for us.


Scorpio as a sign is pretty darn sexy. Perhaps cause my Venus is in Scorpio so that has to do with my approach to romance, and maybe the type of relationship I’m attracted to.

Scorpio is much more mysterious than any other sign. I’ve heard people say that it’s normal that when one Scorpio in the family dies, another is soon born. And there have been peculiar instances when two Scorpios who I believed were interested in me, decided they didn’t want to risk their feelings (I think), I ended up seeing them in public simply by chance. But more accurately they saw me. Separate incidents of course. Wondering if that was a poignant moment for them…


Astrology is valid. You really need to pay attention to the full chart. The rising/ascendant is typically a better description of what-you-act-like. The houses play a huge role as well. The full chart will show all the little nuances and modifiers to your personality. The sun sign alone is generally not the thing to pay attention to so much.

As for the “astrology is bs” school of thought, there is also the Vedic system, which does account for the shift over time. That one is a lot more complex.

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I’m a Scorpio and it pretty much describes me, good and bad.

Scorpio here too haha


Astrology is important. I love it but only know the surface. It is on my quest of knowledge once I master the elements.

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I feel chinese astrology is more in depth then the western study. I am a purple rabbit. Very proud of that :slight_smile:


I am also a Rabbit. Reprezent!

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Both western and vedic astrology have theor merits. It depends on your level of immersion into them. I originally used western astrology but am workin on learning more about vedic as i learned it has methoda for finding out the seed mantras associated with the different aspects of self. Mind,body ect.


I’d be quite curious to hear more about that. Vedic is fascinating.