Opinion on using Vevaliah for destroying and preventing enemies from harming you

How strong is angel Vevaliah for binding and destroying enemies? Would you recommend Vevaliah for shielding from enemies? How fast will he work? And can he prevent others from harming me both verbally, emotionally, and physically?

No one can answer these questions. Power is relative when it comes to spirits, so “how strong” is not something anyone can give a definitive answer to. Vebaliah is stronger than some, but not as strong as others.

Again, no one can say. Time frames are always variable and depend on many factors, like the strength of the target, any protections the target might have, etc. When it comes to magick like this, it takes as long as it takes.

No, he does not prevent anything from happening. He destroys enemies, he doesn’t provide protection as well. You will need something else for that.


But will he work instantly if needed? Of course it depends on the actual power and ferocity of the enemy.

Also, which angel would you recommend for protection, physical and other?

Sorry, that isn’t how real life magick works. The physical world has the buffer of time. Rarely is anything instant.

Michael is go-to guy for protection.

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Archangel Michael? Evocation?

Yes, the archangel Michael. You don’t necessarily have to evoke him. Michael is called upon through invocation, and prayer for protection all the time.

You could just light a white candle, and call out to him, asking him for protection. There are numerous invocations, prayers and psalms to him available with a quick Google search.

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Yeah, I think I will use Damon’s book on archangels. Do you think it would be better to invoke or to do a basic sigil ritual with Michael?

No, Archangels of Magick is fine. I have used the book myself to good effect.

Yes, good :relaxed:

One more concern, in you opinion, what do you think would be better/stronger/more powerful to us for binding enemies - Vevaliah or angels of wrath? Unfortunately, my enemies are powerful and very malicious people so they need great force…

As i have already stated, that is not a question anyone can definitively answer.

Why not just use both instead of worrying about it?

I though both would be too much, i.e. one is enough for one problem and Damon emphasises the importance of not repeating and doing the same rituals for the same problem because it means you are doubting the magick and the rituals. But ofc I could do both of them…

But you wouldn’t be doing the same rituals for the same problem. You would be doing different rituals, with different angels.


Good point…