Opinion on Father Christmas🎅🏻

I would like to hear everyone’s honest opinion on Santa Claus, i.e.

-do you think that he exists (if so, in what way does he manifest his existence)
-benefits of evoking/invoking
-ritual for contacting him

Thanks in advance!

The egregore of him exists thanks to many chaos magicians and children who believe in him, as for the actual Saint Nick, there was a priest who went by saint Nick with the coming of christianity to cleanse pagan religions, but also there’s Odin who is seen as Saint Nick.

There’s also Cernunnos during winter he is called the Gifting Stag or the Holly King.


Santa Claus is as made up as any of the other beings we work with as practitioners of the esoteric arts…

So mileage may vary.


I do believe there are a few old threads on the evocation of the Santa Clause. Please use the search function.


Frankly, I’d rather work with uncle grandpa

I am aware of that but other threads are quite perplexing and although there are some evocation rituals, they are quite abstract and do not explain the core of the ritual nor its purpose. I would appreciate some thorough explanation and advice…

Do you think it would be possible to evoke him?

the egregore? yes

I once researched this topic thoroughly. There are several different figures that are involved here. One is the new, modern Santa Claus, which in this exact form did not pre-exist until Coca Cola created this imagery of Santa Claus with his red clothes. Then there are some others.

As example, the greek Santa Claus, which is called “Agios Vassilis” in greece, but now portrayed as Santa Claus these days, has traditionally no direct relation to the modern Santa Claus, if we look some decades and centuries back into history. He is still called like this today in greece, and not Santa Claus, but actually, most people these days refer to that modern Santa Claus, than rather, to the one which people referred to centuries ago - the “mega vassilios” which lived and died on the 31 December of 378. Traditionally, he was celebrated on 1st January, and people believed he brings joy and happiness on that day, the day of his funeral. In the sixties to seventies, it started migrating and transforming in that culture more and more into the modern Santa Claus and the celebration moved to the christmas days.

Such things can be seen in many other cultures, where the modern Santa Claus took over or kinda replaced some older figure or even person which have truely existed, and as a result became the de-facto shared standard of the modern global western world, with events starting as early as 1823 (if I remember correct) based on a poem “A visit from St. Nicholas”, which St. Nicholas is rather the figure who was celebrated in some areas of the western world. Still, this St. Nicholas, which rather referred to a turkish bishop Saint Nicholas, imho, is not the Santa Claus or Father Christmas people are referring to today.

The most close image and connections I found in my research was to the norse god Odin the Wanderer. The resemblence is striking. He is a tall old man with a long white beard (forget Hollywood’s representation of Odin and check the much older pictures/drawings that exist), to who Santa Claus looks very similar to, wearing a cloak, as Santa Claus is, holds a staff, as Santa Claus does in many depictions, and both ride the skies and have a magical sled with many similarities. And even more strikingly, Odin has a crew of industrious elves (Odin’s men) who craft gifts for him to deliver. It’s hard to find any other source than Odin, regarding the elves, which imagery of Santa Claus is even more prominently encountered like this, especially in our times, mostly in american films. Lastly, another similarity is, how both figures have many names. And there are some more resemblences, which one finds when diving deeper in his personality, abilities and so on. Coincidences? That many?

So, if I were to guess, who this Father Christmas, Santa Claus or what all his other names are, who people refer to these days and worship (yes, worship, that’s what people unconsciously do) is, I, in my humblest opinion, would say, Santa Claus is just another of Odin’s disguise (some old gods were known to take on different forms) with one of his many names.

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He also represents the benevolent Wise Patriarch & Elder, the loving grandfather who wants the best for young people, and gives freely of his own life experience & wealth, without wanting anything personal in return (most of the normal passions are burned out or outgrown, no need for greed or combat), a counterpart & complement to the Elder Wise Woman, the Crone.

The I Ching, Tarot, and many other systems draw on this imagery, the necessary social balance of having elders who see the young with loving and understanding eyes, less harried and strict than a parent but just as loving, because they once went through the same struggles.

The persistence of Santa imagery (including in his lesser avatars in movies, like Dumbledore & Yoda) proves that we need some gods so much, that even if they no longer exist (in the normal consciousness), we just have to reinvent them all over again. :sparkling_heart:


More modern Santa :thinking:

Even though, I cannot fully agree on the image of the benevolent, I agree on your last sentence. It’s what I said, people actually do worship Santa Claus, even if they are not aware of them doing so. Because, worshipping does not mean, you have to fall on your knees and such (though, now realizing, many people actually do that too, when they go for the gifts under the tree - and remember, we have this image of kneeling kids with the gifts in our minds). Worshipping is when you love something more than usually, when you adore something, when you put a lot of focus in a person or an image, as people do every christmas. And in regard to Santa, they do so, in masses. Now, that I think about it, actually, writing letters to Santa is not that much different, than praying for something or making a spell for something. In all these cases, you are asking for something from someone, who is outside the seen world - irrelevant if real or not. Even more so, as thoughts go on, we offer something in exchange (cookies and milk). Now, is this that much different than the offers to gods or spirits for something in exchange?

Yeah, our world is definetely worshipping Santa Claus - not that much different as with gods. A fact - at least, in my mind.