Opening third eye and weird vision

Alright so this was weird. I was doing a meditation to open my third eye and it consisted of my chanting aum while focusing on the are a little bit above between my eyebrows. After a while the area in my forehead started to tingle, so I tried to look through my 3rd eye with my physical eyes closed. So I looked up from the desk I was sitting at and I mentally asked myself what I see. Then an image of a dead girl, like hollywood white skin sharp teeth girl right in front of me. And it was at that point I was like holy @$@%$@# and thinking about it I think it shocked me more than it scared me. After that I was shaking all over for a little bit but I think its more out of shock than fear.

This makes me wonder if it was my imagination or if I have that thing in my room. Also I had a sensation like this girl was trying to get into my body and I could feel my body tingling all over. I charged up my aura and kind of forced it out.

If it shocked you that much, I doubt that you just ‘made it up’. Banish.

My last 3rd eye vision was lesser scary. As seeker counsels you banish. If possible do it daily, and if not, at least before a ritual everytime.

You got the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and a lot more out there (I also use the Omnipotent Protective Barrier of Light of Carl Nagel’s Babylonian Sacred Words of Power).

Appreciate the insight guys. I will definitely be doing some banishing.

I hesitated making my comment at first, but having shifted how I see these things Reveals… I notice how our psychologies:
Reach out- look to See- request a response, and then when

we see something,

we Slam the Door / “Banish”

(which all the pop-magical systems banishings seem to be like getting up during a party-get together and saying “Leave…leave” most of your friends/family would hear that and leave, or even if they didn’t really want to… its not pleasant, at least they sense they aren’t welcome… vs actually driving out.)… but again either way, its almost like looking around to see Ghost/Wandering Spirits
hello (think :‘I can’t see anything’… perhaps vision not working, perhaps no ‘one’ is there) … and then one day- arghh… suddenly they are there (after the Invitation was extended…)

Of course the feeling of shock- physically “invaded” -more a sense of opening closed-eyes and seeing something "inside your personal boundary-comfort zone, the body jumps and wants to back up- get some room… just a defensive sense?
-let alone a confusion of space (not “in your space” just that what is seen-felt/experienced is in a field that wasn’t part of prior context… now to make that fit… it seems to overlap)

So that is just from having lived-worked with this for so long, recontextualizing from where I’m at (Its like the frustration of a Clear-Evocation, and then a sense of “alien-ness, a Foreign Invading Presense” quickly end the rite- dismiss and banish… purify … and yet that sense of Other= alien-ness… if it was not so diffferent, isn’t really Evoking that “Foreign Energy” to experience.

<I just had to post this, as reflects the interesting “Ghost Hunter” shows- with the same disturbance once they find what they were looking for (or disappointment if they didn’t).>
and it seems impolite/erratically harsh in that First-Contact… so either imagination, or else Hardy-Robust Entities the only one that can be connected with (as if/When the Entities are as Skitish as “we” are…)

You might try to communicate with the entity; it may become an ally.

As Student of Goetia commented, in a way much shorter than my post above…

 The issue being if one has "Banished" the Entity (un-welcoming it away) it may be more difficult to approach it becoming your ally.

especially as if it would be a bad-ally (one that you would “want”-need to banish)- Ceremonial Tracings (like Pentagrams) won’t Send it Away.

[as most have fully lost the Context of the Geometrical Shape-Forms, layering from the Renaissance System.]

Most of all- I find that Scrying (see something that may be at a distance, if in “this reference” vs being in 'another-relational-plane") vs Connecting with Something Else’s Attn vs Seeing something that is either Standing “in front of you” vs Near, but not in Phy Proximity…
If (when) those are confused- makes overwhelming (let alone how one’s Body-jolts to the sense of Other) -part of the discovery/integration.

(and that is not including Symbolic Representations of something else- where what one saw could be from one’s memory-associations… still a real thing SEEN, just with an Image over it like a mask or a Sign)

I had an experience like this once where I was invoking omnipotence and saw at first a white dress like a dolls dress.I then noticed it was an entity so I looked at it’s face and I shit you not it had the face of Chucky,with scars sinister eyes,and the most gruesome smile you could imagine.It looked like it had no good intentions towards me.I didn’t do a banishing Ijust closed my eyes and continued the invocation (although my heart felt like it was gonna explode),and when I opened my eyes it was gone.Atleast to my conciouse eyes.By the way what meditation were you doing? I’ve been wanting to do some third eye exercises.

Actually, LOTS of people are seeing “zombies” or such of late.its become part of the planetary consciousness.its the modern symbolism for "SOMETHING IS GODZ AWFUL WRONG HERE!"Not everything seen is external.