Opening the channel to Datura and Brugmansia

I didnt expect it. The energy from both Datura and Brugmansia has always hit me heavy, and maybe thats their way of saying they like me - or at the very least, theyre reactive to me.

Datura was the first of the solanaceous beauties to regard me - as a child, its flowers drew me, and i wondered why it was called a weed, but i knew there was something “off” about it, even before being cautioned of its poison. Datura has always struck me as wild - feral, a gnosis ive found is shared among those ive read whove grown and worked with them, and yet it has only found me in the wild, though this year ill grow it for the first time, and ill know it better.

Daturas bestial nature is reminiscent of how it grows - bursting forth from the soil and spreading out its trumpets. I feel its growl, as it unfurls and claims its territory - it very much does. You can almost hear it “Mine!” Greedy devil, but i love it. Approach with caution. I remember a night i plucked one of its flowers, as it loomed up on a slope. Beneath the moonlight, its white flowers gleamed, and its spirit felt like it laid down before me like a wild beast - “come pet me,” and i caressed its flowers before plucking one from the stem. I was in a period of non-practice at the time. But i believe Datura tells you if it wants you - its selective, but when you look at it, and it looks back, see if you can feel it nod its head, whether you feel that ancient, feral force within, and how does it regard you. Does it calm and beckon? or does it push you away?

Brugmansia, related to Datura, has a different temperament to me. I hesitated to grow it. Its a powerhouse for sure. Even from just pictures, it seems to root with a profound, deep intelligence, while a dark, thick heavy energy surrounds its canopy of drooping flowers - evil? I thought at first. As i come to understand, its just heavy, and like most plants they don’t understand things from a “moralistic” perspective. Theyre both entities and channels. They are and do. the experience of its spirit was quite pleasant - its been teaching me lucid dreaming which surprised me because while i know the plant allies can aid in advancing magical work - thats literally the foundation of my practice, i didnt expect a plant ive had no consumption or physical contact with whatsoever to help me fly outside my body - considering its native uses, that may not be very surprising at all. Needless to say, i will be ordering seeds and adding brugmansia to my troop, and calling on it for future work.

Has anyone else worked with these two?


The dark god Shugara is said to rule over Daytura, in the pantheon that the o9a work with, anyhow.

As a youth I used a alot of drugs, with ambition to try every drug that exists.

I have taken a tea of this plant in my younger days. Drinking the tea brings visions that are not easily controlled, hallucinations which bleed one over into the next.

As an adult, with a lot more patience and care for my life, I occasionally indulge the spirit of the Daytura tree. I have found it that to have a decent sniff of one of the flowers to be enough to have a subtle effect on my body and my energy.

I work with datura innoxia topically. I find it a little harsh on its own so I usually blend it with something a little more mellow like blue lotus and love it… or even with other solanceae friends like belladonna and mandrake root.


Awesome! Been lurking for a lil while taking some classes and stuff. Finally got around to setting up my forum profile.

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It’s been crazy. Everyone is doing a lot of hardcore online retail therapy.

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I’m still waiting on some overseas orders. They are taking 4-6 weeks most of the time. In some cases, even longer.

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Just thought I’d mention that since my last comment I did a video for my YouTube channel about Datura and Brugmansia

I started working with brugmansia more and love it.

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it honestly amazes me when Datura and Brugmansia are confused, but im pretty sure botanically, brugmansia used to be known as Datura arborea.

I will watch more of your video.

Ive been more focused on the solanaceae friends native to the americas (other than D Metel, native to India) lately and their cultural contexts among indigenous people, which interestingly enough, was often still relegated to plants for sorcerers and witches, which of course i love considering their botanical relation to the “witch weeds” of europe.

Datura Wriighti taught me how the gods of the old faiths so often become the devils of the new. Im actually enjoying its beautiful, heavy fragrant blooms tonight, and sharing a smoke :dash: :wink:


The confusion comes from overlapping common names despite different genus and species.