Opening Sigils for Others


Hey All,

I am wondering if it is possible to open a sigil for another person? I have a roommate who is blind and cannot open one for himself. I cannot as of yet do a full evocation, and I would like to help him out with some issues. Is it possible to do so?


That’s interesting, I was just thinking yesterday about how could blind people open sigils and imagined that it could be possible to “sonify” graphic sigils into looping soundscapes.

It could definitely be possible to do it, so your roommate could enter theta-gamma while listening to the soundscape.

Your thoughts?


Although not relating to your question specifically but perhaps still useful for your friend, in Astral Dynamics, Robert Bruce talks about “Tactile Imaging” which he developed specifically to aid blind people with energy work


I haven’t done this for others, but I would think as long as you open it with your focus on their intent it should work fine. If you could have them next to you focusing as well while you are opening the sigil it would probably be even better.


I think both Soundwave and andreeje have good ideas here.

Re: Soundwave’s suggestion - Perhaps you could carve the sigil in wood, and if your friend learns tactile imaging, they could trace it a few times physically, and then continue tracing it with tactile imaging until it “opens”. You could possibly also trace the sigil on their hand or other body surface a number of times and then they could keep tracing with tactile imaging.

Re: andreeje’s suggestion - Yea, you could potentially involve this person in your evocation work, perhaps even tasking on of the entities you evoke together to help open this person’s sight. Obviously visual sigil opening is not necessary to evocation, it is just a good tool for those of us with sight. I’m sure there are other methods, including opening them with others for a while.


It can be done. As Andreeje said just when visualizing the desired outcome do so with the person you want it to happen to in mind. Think Baneful Magick in reverse, the same principle applies.


As red circle said carving one in clay would be the ticket, I’m curious how well it would work for him. Blind people probably have super imaginative minds seeing how they can only visualize what your describing to them.


Thanks for the advice, everyone. It is greatly appreciated. I will do as Andreeje and WanderingFool suggest, and visualize my roommate receiving the intent of the sigil. I’ll post any results when or if they are received.


You can open sigils or any gateways for that matter. The process is a little different for gateways but easily transferable.