Opening my chakras

So I posted a few threads. I’m still new. I’m wondering if my chakras are already open ? Or do I need to do meditation for them? Sometimes I get a headache where my third eye is and see purple when I close my eyes. The other night I closed my eyes and saw purple/blue eyes in my minds eye. I feel somewhat empathic to people at work sometimes also. Only thing is I’m bad at quieting my mind to meditate more than a few mins. I have tried guided meditation also. Sometimes I get flashes of people’s memories when they sag something. Idk I’m so confused. When I was young I saw ghosts and shadow people and had dream predictions of stuff. I want this all to come back. But I think it’s cause maybe my chakras are blocked or I need to learn to meditate more. If anyone can give me some kind of advice that would be amazing. I just can’t afford to buy occult books right now cause or bills. But I want to open myself back up so bad. It’s my life passion. Comment or pm me if you feel up to it.

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Go get an “aura chakra report” at your local spiritual shop.

The one I go to has an “in depth” report that costs $30, but that’s nothing if you take this stuff seriously.

You get an idea of which chakras are strong and which ones still need a little work.

It’s like a snapshot of your aura at that moment. It fluctuates the same way your body fat % fluctuates from day-to-day.

Gotta check on your spiritual muscles :muscle:

Doing regular meditation to attune yourself with, and cleanse, the chakras is a good idea. Here’s a simple but thorough method that I use: