Opening Clairvoyance

So, I just got done doing some energy raising and decided to follow it up with some clairvoyance work. Using a method Masons Draconian Ritual book. I lit a red candle and mediated on it a bit. Afterwards; I blew it out and blindfolded myself.

I could see the flame from within and watched it move around. It then turned into a dark oval like a new moon or the black sun. After following that it started to mold into different shapes. First, it turned into what seemed to be a raven then back into the oval. It then turned into a dragon as I could see it grow in size and move about while flapping it’s giant wings. Finally, before a noise in the background snapped me out of the trance. It took on a particular form. A giant serpent but what stood out was the face I saw. It looked like Lilith in her serpent form and it was charging at me before I got snapped out.

I’ll definitely be returning soon to try and get a better view on this. What do y’all think?


To me, it doesn’t feel that way at all. I can’t remember it not being at least partially opened (unless I closed it), so take that with a grain of salt.

To me, it’s a more passive ability that can get directed by the (semi-active) mind. It’s like you turn your inner attention towards an area/spirit/topic. Any time I treated it like an active ability, it simply stopped working effectively. I assumed my mind got in the way, likely eager for something to do.

Maybe it doesn’t feel that way to you (or anyone else), but the clairs are, typically, passive abilities you tune into, not that you turn on and use. I don’t see it as a sonar ping, but rather a set of headphones you put on to listen to what’s around (and then focus on).

Hopefully someone else can give a better description that makes sense to you, if this doesn’t.