Opening a tarot card?

The other day I was reading some of Karlson’s work about how the tunnels of the Qlippoth and the tarot are realated.He provides sigils for each tunnel so I started with the first one called Amprodias which is associated with The Fool.I opened the sigil then gazed at The Fool with my scrying eyes.I expected some kind of internal dialogue like how the cards are suppose to speak with you.To my suprise the card opened like a sigil in full 3D effect.Not only that but the butterfly on the left of the card flew downwards with a tracer effect.Can anyone explain what was happening?


<something that came to mind, which may add, is> “Opening a Door/Portal”-
either talking to someone on the other side of the Threshold while you each stay where you are, or
with the Opening they step through and flow into your Room-Where you are At, or
You Step through the Door/Portal to the other-place (thus relating to it on its terms).

[ same Door? same place? perhaps even same Contacts There, perhaps not… but different experiences expressed ] radiating the influence of the Qlipphot(s) in to your Phy-Room, vs directly into your Mind-Energy, then radiates out from you. vs the membrane remaining, like a window… (likewise if you step There, the Influence of your Tone-Freq will radiate and affect that place… and its reaction to you being/Being There.)

Tarot cards can be used as Astral gateways to project yourself through so you can explore the card and its meaning, similar to Tattwas. I believe Donald Michael Kraig describes the technique in his book Modern Magick.


So can the tarot be used to traverse the Olippoth? If so then how?

The Tarot has nothing to do with the Adverse Tree or Qlippoth (damn spelling, lol) It is its own realm.


So then what does Karlson mean when he compares the tarot with the tunnels?

The Tarot corresponds to the Tree of Life, if you can use the correspondences of the tarot to reach a sephira then why would you be unable to reach the dark side of the tree with the same card. Its the same sphere just its dark twin.

So do you just use your intent on which tree you want to connect with?

Tarot: It’s bigger on the inside.

[Would that be TAROT? <Time And Relative O___ T___… (TimeAndRelativeOuterThresholds?) ‘the bluebox’ ]

Much of the interpretation is rehash of the GoldenDawn’s presentation (single-sourcing)… association of the Letter of the Hebrew alphabet (tied to a certain Tree of life “path” - other “Tree” shape-relations are used, and more than one “hebrew letter” to “path” associations exist… but one system connected a certain way, so taken as std.)…
and then tying a TarotCard via Hebrew letter to path.

(a Hebrew Letter can be Contacted directly-alone… part Contacted are the mental-story-associations made, and part is Else- many systems say “learn it first” so they are Trying to solely summon up Vision of one’s own Thoughts- vs anything ‘outer’-preexisting?.. Likewise a TarotCard could be contacted directly-alone (again with greater or lesser associations linked to it, a “learned-system”) -vs a heavier links symbol system.

— I find if you are going to use a Peg System model (like in memory systems), using the hebrewletter (sigil-like?) with the rest associated, is less clumsy than say using the TarotCard as the Peg (and the hebrew letter, path, associations, else- planets? zodiac? again, those 2 are distinct and not all mushed into 1). (just more concise-seeming to me to reference in mind, or in writing (trace-viz in the air) “Aleph” the first letter and have “the energetic charge” arise (with else associated) than to think-viz the Card “Fool” (all the pciture aspects, layers of meaning, different ways to link to/think about that card), which then indirectly triggers the else (and more complications of the cluster of thoughts of “the path” linking Sephirot1 & Sephirot2).

This part is a bit densely packed-
[ also- to plant a seed, may be obvious already- but link these energies to a letter- so can Trigger-“evok” to a pt in space (structure?) the concept (on a mental-energetic level- thus more abstract than literally a “shape”/person viz’d) -to to create Aleph, and then upon that context (of Aleph) layer He = what is that combo? different than He alone, or Aleph alone… also not the same as He and then Aleph upon the Context of He)…
so to Stack Aleph, upon that He, upon that Yod, and (fourth layer) upon those three in como a final-He. that Combo-Presence (four-worlds- opening a filtered-energetic resonance all the sephirotic-relationships, Tarot/letter, etc in that seq of layers)… that is what the 4 letter words of the “lesser” pent rite (with the renaissance use of geometric shapes) Hidden in plane sight as LBRP… people think of as 4 “godnames” vs formulas… thus the above 4 is the name(?) used in the W. Qtr? again this is just an interpretation).
-this mentioned so that the impact of how the parts are associated and prepared for triggering (thus linking in Qlipphotic how? to that chain-structure? like a Spider’s-web a vibration in any part, signals the whole -setting up add’l resonances. -to add: there are different models of Qlipphotic (the ‘backside’- taken from one writer’s work and simplified it has shown up all over… which is very different from a second-separate “upside-down tree”… a 3rd, perhaps more QBListic interp, is down within-the-roots the Cracked-Shells of each Dynamic can be accessed (of which ea Sphere is balanced and clearly present)… thus “outside the tree structure” on the ground-floor by it, near the roots of the “trunk”… but also accessed within Each Sphere (there is a tendency of each Sphere- ea Sephirot- to stay connected in its flow, but also a tendency to fractionate to extreme and not blowout and "snap you out of trance’ but Blowout and snap the world out of integration- to dis-integrate your local matrix, by that sphere losing its connected-balanced flux… “things fall apart from the center” extreme brings chaos… present in the very nature of order reality by its orderliness (in the dark-corners, what perception-“edges out” not noticed… how be “in a sphere” and not lose that resonance, but in a particular part of it- stretch the envelope, until it zooms in on part of it, and pulls you into something else- extreme and exaggerated… the unbalance force of “one of its parts”…
Tensegrity means a number of equally-dynamically balancing forces- like shock absorbers in a vehicle (balanced with ground and weight-mass of frame: if the frame of vehicle was instantly zeromass- would the “shock absorbers” project the car up in the air? stored spring?
that is a ltd ex of small contrast- but multiple Pushes, all pressing into a centre. Limit you alignment to only 1, not only non-resisted push, but directly contacting its full expression. -in short the “paths” the sephirot-spheres, Semetic-char letter shape&“meaning”… let alone TAROT-card aspects are so shallow in most presentations I’ve seen they are sort of dead, great for access- just enough to contact, not overload, but can be understood that ‘that is all they are’… [Especially the planar-world aspects Either-balanced, or cthonically UnBalanced.] ie what we call feeling an emotion, is just feeling the bodies expression (through gladular-excretion into the blood, as well as muscle-tonus and nerve-charge shifts) and the story-intep we play to ourselves… not the Feeling of an Emotion directly (let alone tapping/channelling Emotional-energy in a thing-con itself… which can be accessed as a portal to a different place-experience)… each “above” parts the same <ie association-lists of story of what Chesed aspects of life are, vs feeling-recognizing certain Chesed-energies ‘as they arise’… different than have those-parts of you awaken -via-their-own-con… and use that as a portal to the realm of Chesed (and then flow to the Unbalanced-side of Chesed… and not lose the “golden-thread” while that sphere-shatters, and the fragments crumble…) freedom? outside of?
-each doorway outside, leads to the same outside-beyond, and yet reveals complete-differences. Returning from the Contact with unbalanced-parts of Yesod… how does “Nrml” appear? can recog the balanced aspects in the underlying pattern and how they are interrelating to stay in balance? interact with?> then again tapping the Unbalanced (qlif) Yesod, another-Different experience… as each Qlif-exper, by definition isn’t balanced, and is Shattered-Fragments… [so each immersion in the balanced-sphere is different, and reveals layers, how much more so…?]

-ok end of densely part part:

In brief sum, one might list the different aspect you are working with (cards? letters? paths? how do the spheres/paths relate as a whole and parts? -what is the Qlif to the Std? “backside” or “underside” or “darkside” or “sppoky” :slight_smile: (some goth-LHP twist-subculture writings)… or … ie the model of how you see the parts linked, reveals how you’ve Made Sense of the Whole, what slight differences reveal understandings and leverage-changes… reveal further questions… so to the first question: redefine what “opening” was really occuring? slight shifts in the “Where” (per alts in this model-relationship) as well as how relating You-Con & your local Enviro to “inside this card” (enter, vs peer, vs ___ <?>)

Curious- per the other posts, and your other experience since the above, do you redefine your original experience? -having seen it in different ways? luck

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:8, topic:2193”]So do you just use your intent on which tree you want to connect with?[/quote] Also just a quick comment (as I think conceiving of “lving” concepts that are dynamically interrelated, such that as you learn-explore each, the entire pattern adjusts/reveals/unfolds), the issue of what “intent” means is important.

Pop-culture uses that term as in one’s running commentary, one “makes a decision” and calls that intention or “intending .” -leaving aside the issue that, to me, most of what are seen as Decisions are Not, but are just reactions of Triggered programs-linking up subcon patterns (was that really a choice, or per one’s perceptions- how it is filtered/valued, how else? but that isn’t unbiased reality)… leaving that aside, a Real-Decision (I’d say) is still not use of Intention.
So if one used as I understand (an action of Con, ie Con(sciousness) being that part that “uses” mind, in the way that a hand uses a pen or types a keyboard… the keyboard-keys can’t conceive the “fingers” let alone the-hand, … in the same way, how Mind (that which thinks- not the thoughts which result from- as ASCII chars result from pushing keyboard or scrawling with a pen)- how Mind can ‘model’ that which uses it.
-ie most are “psych-up” exercises of pretend a different personality-story 'higher-self" -but that which utilizes the Mind-Stuff is of a different kind- an action of that ___ is how I’d use Intention (let alone an Action of/a use of Mind-Stuff directly).
So (each time I write I recog as I write that the real issue I sense is the little distinctions, so many words to refine… becomes long), ‘to me’ the use of the word 'just" (as in ‘merely’) in the sentence, “do you just use your intent on which…?” (that’s evocation- 'do you only have to stabilize an energetic-expression of mind-con infused with another-Intelligence, in a certain place, so that it holds together and can operate?" -only? sort of, but that is the tricky part… )

if Intention is used in the sense of “set an intention” means say to your self a sentence of what you want… I would say that isn’t much… but again, that’s part of how I’ve integrated the model of these components.

at the same time, "if one can’t yet do, ie is learning, something- whatever it is, is hard (actually impossible, as you “can’t” yet), once you’ve mastered it… you just do it… (like moving a finger, directly- as it is part of one’s neural-system, to use an overly concrete ex, vs Indirectly triggering through something one does know to build up something)… the process and espec between those two, is the tricky-bit. [ok “quick comment” ended up longer than some.]

What are “scrying eyes” ? :slight_smile:

You can pathwork almost anything : tarot card, tattvas, enochian or hebrew alphabet and all that you already know (sky, water, wall etc).

GL !

I opened the Ace of Pentacles, and it struck me as how the money is handed to us, and is seen as good.
It that came to my mind how many self limiting beliefs there are about money.
Money can be a tool for good.
Money is not evil.
The love of good is good.
Therefore, the love of money for good is good.

Yes he does, and he teaches a great way to “scan” a card too. Many find that book stuffy, but its got some money tutorials in there…