Opening a rune like a sigil

Lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to runes. I have worked with them lightly before incorporating them in personalized sigils, as well as carving them in candles for candle magic. I had the idea today to create a bindrune talisman and after consecrating it attempt to open it like a sigil or square. I will share results when complete.

Everything I’ve read about runic magic states it is very powerful and not to be taken lightly. Anyone here work with runes other than as a divination tool? What were your results, what are impressions of their power verses other types of magick?

Well I just happened to check E.A.'s Facebook and saw the video of his cave and working with runes. I’d like to thank E.A. for the video and explaining what he did. This gave me even more motivation to work with this aspect of magick. I picked up some supplies today to get started on this, I hope to be able to report some results soon.

I am a beginner and i only made some very basic few magick with runes. I basically meditate on the rune like if it was a sigil (in my case i made them in wood, stones, etc…) and i used a couple of times Algiz for protection in dangerous trips, surgery, etc. and Raido to movement and taking charge, it was uselful to succeed on some exams at college that were extremelly hard. In most demanding issues i used a drop of my blood.I had some good results, but it was all very simple stuff.
Runes are very powerful, i agree with you, as you say they are not to be taken lightly and thats true. I know a case of a couple of people years ago, who used to be cool and nice, but suddenly their personalities dramatically changed and start being cold to everyone. Later on some people that knew them told me that they were making some kind of “extreme things” with runes (i never knew exactely what), but the fact is that whatever it was, it overrode them…

Im in no way an expert, but Ive had more luck opening and using runes for various purposes as opposed to divination.
When I first got them, I looked at them and thought, “oh this will be way simpler than my tarot cards”, and boy was I wrong. I found myself looking into the runes for well over an hour, finding tons hidden meanings stacked on top of each other. For me, thats way too complex if I want a straight answer.
I noticed that when activated sigil-style, these things have an almost instantaneous effect, and I think it just comes from them being so ancient and having so many people use them over the years. My main use of them was drawing or stenciling various runes on my guitars and amp’s roadcases for protection. Nothing sucks more than having a priceless piece of vintage gear stolen, and its happened to me more than once. After using the runes, I noticed people would come and look at my equipment, but they would actually keep a distance of 6 feet or so and nothing would ever get touched, cool stuff.
Necromaster recently got me into combining them for stronger effects, and holy shit, the power of these things is incredible!

Imagine each rune as an entity, meditate upon it and let it tell you what it does. Until you have a full understanding I don’t recommend trying to create bindrunes or putting them towards spellcasting.

I use Tarot as a tool for magic I’m sure it’s the same with runes, the images symbols of the deck simply represent to perfection things connected with human situations (love, destruction, wealth, confidence, etc). The results were very good, mainly cuz the ritual consisted in a banishing plus the visualization of the card aplied to the desired situation, not much effort and effective

Reyn Til Runa

Sorry about never following up with this thread, I’ve opened runes like sigils since starting this thread a while back.

I’ve used the Fehu rune with a cash box I made to draw and keep the flow of currency moving through my home. Even though I’ve had some financial woes lately I have been able to keep my finances in good standing and have some left over to do other things.

I’ve use a couple of bindrunes for certain things as well with good results. I agree with the consensus that runes are extremely powerful. I wouldn’t think of them as much as an entity as I would a force of nature. I don’t really get a sense of consciousness abou them as much as I do just a raw energy that is hard to explain, especially when using ones blood in the ritual. I will definetly suggest one to use caution when working with runes, the power feels much more like an energy set into motion than an actual task being performed so be careful and be sure you want this influence in your life.