Open Third Eye for divination? (involves Duke Sallos)

Slightly long read, but well worth it. Just sharing my journey of my pact with Duke Sallos.

I’m conviced Duke Sallos is running me around a big self - realization journey :joy::joy:. You tell me.

I made a pack with Duke Sallos a few weeks ago and I got a divination reading done since I can’t yet hear or see him. “You should learn to love yourself and be patient because life is a process, then all of your desires will flow to you,” was the answer to my question on what I wanted out of this pact. As for what he told me to do specifically for that, Sallos told me to work more with sigils, meditate on his sigil everyday, and also work on balancing my chakras.

I drew some sigils on myself that represented self - love, patience, and becoming the best version of myself and wore those around for a while. The night before last night, I went to sleep to a chakra - balancing binaural beat. I woke up yesterday and felt like a new woman (I know one go isn’t enough. I have to continue it). Started some more on research on better methods to find out how to contact Sallos.
Side note: Over the summer, I bought some healing crystal necklaces. Super cute. I’ve been so attached to them for no reason at all, or so I thought.
A common, semi - reliable way I found for contact was using a pendulum. With the intention to buy one, I look them up online and guess what the first thing was that popped up.

THE NECKLACES :woman_facepalming:

Just wait. It gets better.

So fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I tried the pendulum method. At first it seemed like I got reasonable answers, but then every answer became no after awhile and I got discouraged because I felt like I was talking to myself. I know he was there because he said he’s always with me and I also felt throbbing in my head. Not like usual headaches I get when I contact him, but subtle throbbing. I took a break and did some more research and saw this statement on E.A. Koetting’s mastering divination course:
“Let me make this very clear to you: you cannot go far with evocation unless you’ve already “turned on” your second sight by opening your Third Eye. Think about it, when you evoke a spirit, you obviously will need spiritual perception to communicate with it… otherwise you’re taking a shot in the dark – which is dangerous.”
Looked into that statement some more and I find that it’s not needed, but it would help alot to have your third eye open. Looked a little more on ways I can get my third eye open and end up putting two and two together to discover:

The third eye is the 6th chakra. The thing Sallos told me to balance. :woman_facepalming:

Another thing I noticed is that I’m always hearing something about having patience. Whether it’s on the radio, what someone else posted on social media, or just passing by someone’s conversation. It’s always on the lines of, “Be patient. There’s no need to rush. Life can only be taken one step at a time. Free your soul. Etc.” This happens at least once a day.

I’m totally convinced this is Sallos’ way of contacting me and fucking with me just a little. He’s making me take this journey on my own, even though he knows I’m searching for help anyway I can find it. I really am appreciating it though. I’ll have a deeper love for the practice if I can confidently say I got myself where I am on my own… Of course with Duke Sallos by my side.

I said all of that to say, would opening my third eye finally break the communication barrier between us, and if I did open it, what are some cautions I may need to worry about before and after? Also any other questions, comments, or concerns you may feel like addressing is cool too.

Also thanks to everyone that has answered my silly questions so far and has taken their time to read this and respond. Really means alot that I have support.


He was the first Spirit I summoned and he feels like a uncle. He’s great but the patience thing and my desire to see the signs and manifestions I want have been one hell of a ordeal. Ask about me and see what he says. Hahah

As for your question; the more it’s open the more you’ll see the worlds kinda upside down and how people are legit “walking dead” and your empathy (being around people and feeling their thoughts and emotions increase) BUT you also see the world much more divine and how beautiful it is. So it’s truly your call. Just keep yourself protected!

Good luck on your journey and if you get a message from him about him let me know haha