Open Discussion About Possible Lingering Spirit

I intend this to be an open discussion about what I believe is a spiritual activity and share some info between us practitioners if we can. Feel free to speak your mind and share your ideas and opinion.
So a friend of mine came and she is complaining about the last 3 months that her house is somehow “haunted”. Long story short, not only herself but the neighbors and friends as well experience weird phenomena such as:

The door opens before a guest knocks on it
The door opens by itself while locked
Weird noises and knocks on the door of the house in the middle of the night
Accidents happen around her if she stays too long outside the house
Multiple manifestations of weird phenomena in the last year

She is leaving in there for 3 years now but only this year she experiences such strong phenomena.
Now I already gave her some instructions to do a cleansing and contacted a local practitioner that I know, but what would be your suggestions for detecting and maybe repelling this spirit from the vicinity? Share your opinion with me.
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Baskervilles’s Dog


Well the technique I’m using is a Petition. You can petition to a Spirit of your choice. I can recommend Kali Ma or Lady Heckate.

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