Ongoing Poppet curse

Most magicians seem to agree that one needs to forget about a spell for it to work. But I’m trying an experiment and would like to hear feedback.

I had a former friend and coworker that would constantly berate me at work, try to make me look stupid, and humiliate me. He always tried to make me and others feel intectually inferior. About a week ago I did the following: I formed a likeness of him out of pladoe. While doing so I attempted to use alchemy to connect it with the guy. Then I placed another layer of pladoe over the face and said that this will cause him to lose all his job related mental abilities and skills. I said this would cause him to look bad in the eyes of the company, cause a huge amount of damage on a job site, and injure another employee who I also caused me problems. I placed an image of a penis on his crotch and said that he would lose all ability to perform with his wife or other women. I then placed another penis on the face and said that this would cause him to be obsessed with black men’s dicks (which is the most repulsive thing this guy could possibly imagine).

Anyhow, I have placed this image on my shelf, and whenever I feel negative feels about him I stretch forth my hand and send my hate into it. Will this continual attention harm my curse?

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No. You are using a poppet so the more negative energy you pump into it, the stronger the effect. You are in essence feeding the spell.

We tend to become emotionally invested in whatever we are desperately wanting to happen and it is that attachment to the outcome that needs to be forgotten, not the spell itself. When you do a spell, especially a “once and done” type, you need to let go of your desire once the ritual is done, so it does not cause the energy to feed back into more wanting of the result, instead of the manifestation of the result.

What you are doing is the equivalent of a long term working, similar to some rituals that need to be done for a certain number of days. Your curse is fine :slight_smile:


I’d just like to add that with adept practices like mine it also depends on what demon,spirit your working with and your temperament with the result of what you/they want, if they agree to think its deserving or balanced enough to tip the scales in your favor