We have a traditional way of oneiromancy here in Greece that we can do only once a year and people are doing it to see who they are gonna get married to. My question is since the person I know is real but lives in another country outside Europe is it okay if I have a tarot reading to see if I actually have a chance with that person or should I just let it go?

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Yes, that’s perfectly fine.


That doesn’t mean anything much anymore, these days. Its pretty easy to immigrate into the EU (if its not Greece it can be any other EU located country) if someone can provide with matching paperwork and a firm source of income :slight_smile: Go for your card reading, by any means!


Thank you both :blush:

Yes, you can do that.
PS Glad to see you found someone, I wish you very much good luck and may things workout as you want and wishing.

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Thank you :blush: