One card reading tips?

Does anyone have any tios on doung one card readings? I’ve been doing them for the past week and have been trying to interpret the cards based on intuition. Is there anything I can do to increase the clarity of these readings?

Did you pull a daily card or did you do one card readings with specific questions?

It’s about building up your connection and energy with the deck…Which you sound like your doing,

Spend time getting to know them and trust your intuition…it takes time and practice.
You could try meditating with your cards.

If your doing a one card daily reading and not a question then keep you intentions open to that, as soon as you focus on a specific topic or your mind drifts you are asking a question in regards to what is in your mind at that moment and the cards will respond to that.

Over time the clarity of the readings will improve.

I do a daily reading of how my day will go

I constantly shuffle my cards before I draw one and I often sleep with them under my pillow to build a connection and so far I only draw cards for the general purpose of asking how the fay will go.

If you want to learn how to interpret the cards, I would recommend you to also do three card readings with simple questions.
I know, a lot of people advice to do daily readings over and over but in my opinion you learn much more when you practice to interpret the cards on specific questions.
I think daily readings are not even the easiest to start with because you have to interpret one single card for one whole day :thinking:
I think this is more about leaning the possible meanings of each cards then about interpretation.


Shuffling is really good to get a connection. Also doing readings. Holding the cards in your hands. Close your eyes, feel them and feel the energy between them and you.

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I’ll add three card reading to my practice schedule. Thank you for the tips. I’ve also noticed that the last couple times I’ve pulled cards that I felt drawn to the particular card. I’m guessing that’s a good thing.