On Nephilim, Cambions, Demigods etc

This was the method of my fleshly conception. My father was merged with the god for three years. Said god is also my soul father. Kind of a double dose.


Do you have enhanced physiology/psi abilities? I wish my Father had merged with Zeus back in the '60’s! maybe I whould be a hellava lot more powerful now! :confounded:


Yes, I do. Like the other gods, I too have my own set of aspects that are highly developed. My father god imbued me with one of his other aspects this last year as well…a gift, if you will.
It made for a tough early life though. My father did his best to help me understand my power…or its potential, so at least I had that.

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bad azz! Good for you! I have had psychic readings saying I have “angelic” DNA but if I do it is certainly dormant.I just had J.S. Garrett’s Rite of deification recently so i’m hoping it will jump start my ascent. POWAH! is what i’m craving at mid-life!!


Check out my thread on Aspect Exploration. It helps you unlock those godly aspects. I’ve started the thread to help beginners with their evolution. :slight_smile:

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This is a topic that I can’t help but find really interesting even though I don’t think that it’s physically possible. In order to conceive, you need sperm and an egg. Demons, angels, spirits, etc don’t have physical bodies, so they can’t produce sperm or eggs the same way that we can. Any way you spin it, you’re getting a person with fully human DNA.
Now, here’s where I think there could be a grain of truth…I do think it’s possible that if someone was possessed or if a demon, angel, spirit etc were to influence the developing embryo or even just the sperm or egg, they could possibly imprint some of their power on that embryo. Even still though, you’d end up with a completely human baby, but possibly one who grew up to be naturally more psychically or magically inclined than other people.


Perhaps if one were to allow one of these beings to occupy them during conception.

An alternative theory is channeling their energy into the egg before the soul occupies it, effectively creating a space in the child that is occupied by this entities energy.

This would give the illusion of a half breed, spiritually they would be a hybrid energy body.

In a literal sense, I doubt it. However there are ways around the physical limitations of reproduction.


Maybe the answer isn’t in DNA but in the blood. Anyone here looked in the rhesus factor and how some people are rhesus negative? And how some say it’s because they are “hybrids”. Any opinions? A rhesus negative women’s body will try to destroy the foreign blood cells of the rhesus positive child if their blood gets mixed. It’s like two different species trying to mate.


Im not Rh neg. Different set of hybrids, that.

I believe certain things in my DNA might have been altered during my fathers possession but I have no proof and not inclined to let strangers investigate it. It is what it is.

I live as a normal human in my human body. Maybe there are things he added or altered that I just consider normal for me though.


I’d say that would be possible.

Now that I think about it, since spirits are incorporeal and would need a body to inhabit to make a physical baby, it may be that the proof isn’t in our physical bodies but in our spiritual makeup (so to speak).

But I also have a feeling that some hybrids weren’t really hybrids. It may have been that either women had sex before marriage, committed adultery etc. and didn’t want to face punishment, so they would claim that the gods gave them the child or something.

My question though would be how does one find out?

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Rh neg aspiritual non-label serpentine QUEEN here - suck my ambidextorous cock, you earthling monkeys! :fu:

(Not really, but, ffs… every cunt on this planet is basically in a serious spiritual contract, be they black, white, asian, “my fellow whites” or other. :thinking: Every fucking one of you idiots has some kind of shit to do, regardless of how retardedly UGLY your fleshform is and how utterly limited you may be, just go with the flow, and stop being a blinded and “stoopidity lol” weakness-gobbling victim-carding DENIER of your own sacred flesh.)


That post made my day.

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What exactly is a cambion in spirit form?

I’m really conflicted how to respond because part of me thinks you are being possessed because the sudden change in tone and wording is eerily similar to a certain being that tends to hang around on the other hand I could be mistaken and given you haven’t harassed me yet you probably aren’t possessed by them. On the off chance you are, don’t you have better things to do than play with human meat dolls all day?


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The combined astral body of the human parent’s zygote (egg or sperm) and the demonic parent’s spiritual plasma combined, but, in a manner that makes them as distinct and inviduals as the human child of two different parents.


Lol! Who’s your daddy? :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth: I am O- myself and I feel you. I despise the rh neg “movement” because it doesnt seem to concern itself with truth finding but with circle jerking their ego.


Yeah, it’s pretty depressing, also a muddle of “did we come from Atlantis or outer space.” Like, make your minds up dudes! :laughing:

I have never seen a single human being who did not have a massively complex backstory of past lives, ancestral and spiritual inheritances (for which the goddess Buné who regularly manifests in serpentine forms, including her history as the goddess Wadjet) as well as guides, proitectors, and all manner of things going on.

It’s like each and every one of us is a rock star, playing one gig in our role in whatever emobodied form we have, and behind the scenes the riggers, roadies, agents, management, ticket company etc are all working away to give us our shot in the limelight.

When I see people fall into self-hate it BURNS me, the blindness and the societal perpetuation of that blindness, to our true glory.

Every crack whore dying in an alley, every beggar quietly falling apart in a gutter somewhere has this going on and yet our entire society forces us to see each other as nothing more than golems, beings of clay who are interchangeable and dispensible. Every single human is a unique composition of astrological energies, genetics, and spiritual lines come together for one perfect moment.

And yet people kill themselves, live lives of medicated daily despair, or abuse their bodies in a million different ways because they don’t feel as good as the neurotic narcissists paraded before them on instagram and in magazines and movies. And even though we live in an era where even the poorest ordinary person has access to more libraries, more arts and entertainment, knowledge of health and nature, than even a King had just 500 years ago. :man_shrugging:


Maybe a stupid question but can it be any egg or only a fully fertilized zygote? Both would have potential wouldmt they?