On Gremory

While gazing at Duchess Gremorys sigil, I got a vew of an old smoke machine by electric manipulation, a dipole antenna, a transformer and fourwire and an iron bar or gold bar in an I shape (possibly impedence), resisters, four coils in a black box square.
And a man in a top hat presses a button and poof … evocation cloud!

Found that Gremory occupies the 23rd tunnel of Set, Mem, between Samael and Asmodeus, and uses Onchya and deep blue, a tunnel blue and filled with water.

Pitch black craft is interesting @Nightside.

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You making progress @Nightside that’s awesome to hear!, keep it up :muscle:

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Alkready felt more heat in the groins area, close near that path, thogh the right thigh outer would be cool imo. Noticed a cute girl. Felt more respected.


It’s good to see you pushing thru @Nightside, I’m sure things will turn around in no time.


Thank you :slight_smile: Yeah, Luciferas site is pretty cool. I like VKJs site too. Lots of good info on the Tunnels of Set aside from Karlssons book on Qlippothic Magic.
I appreciate it @anon25000386 @Calcined @QueenMustang


And @Lady_Eva and others. You all rock and have great talent or potential.


A need to be courteous and tactful, yet rebuke someone if need be.
A pathworking on the 23rd tunnel with key XII:
At first, it was assumed that I was in Samel and entered a blue tunnel filled with water, at first very cool, then steamy and scalding.Between Samael and Asmodeus. A path of cleansing and baptism.

Hi. Can we talk about this / qlippothic initiation?
Would be much appreciated

Sorry, what was your question?

According to a website, Gregory occupies the Qluppoth tunnel as what would be the Qabalah path of Mem.
Mem means water. A jellyfish type demon is commonly seen in that tunnel. It is a blue tunnel.

To me it meant cleansing and baptism between Samael and Gholochab.