On Chaos Magic


Alot of magicians assume that chaos magic automatically equates to random magic. Sometimes their results manifest in the worst ways with piss poor quality.

For example, you do “chaos magic” to get a car. You get gifted with a broken down piece of shit that it will take all your saving to repair.

Thats not Chaos magic. Thats piss poor magic at play on part of the magician.

Heres some light on what passes for Chaos magic today:

  1. Intent that is undefined or weak so the results are left to chance rather than Higher Order being imposed on the lower order.

Carlos Casteneda talked about “Unbending Intent” which is basically staying focused energetically on a specific purpose to the point that the World has no other choice but to yeild to you that which you desire.

That requires a fucking strong will that most magicians do not have.

  1. Not understanding what Chaos is and therefore assuming it is a energy of Randomness instead of knowing it as a sub-set of Darkness

What most people past for chaos and understand as such is the energy called corruption! That energy is what they are summoning up when they “Invoke Chaos”. Then they wonder why their health is poor, family is fucked up, and they somehow mysteriously got AIDS even tho theyve been with no one sexually.

3.Relying on poorly crafted sigils instead of receiving them from the Gods of Chaos themselves.

This requires the skill of channeling and some proficiency in divination. Sometimes even Soul Travel. Beginners do not want to take the time to learn such skills.

Final Word
Thats all I have to say on that for now. Chaos Magic is very creative, but it is also a current with its own energy and Demons and Gods. It is a subset or under current of Darkness. Its what gives Darkness its kick and makes it so addictive.

It belongs to the Underworld and its deities.

Imma post some Chaos Rituals soon so yall can get a feel for what Im talking about.

Have a Good Day filled with Evil and Happy Ascending :metal:
The Grand Demon


Ummm…I think you and I have very different ideas of what chaos magick is.

What most people mean when they discuss chaos magick is more of the AO Spare school of thought. What you are describing sounds more like Warhammer, no offense. I did my first chaos sigil magick when I was 15, and 22 years later I have not yet had any run ins with any gods or demons associated with that current, nor is it seeming to have any particular association with darkness, whatever darkness means in any given context.

Now sure, I suppose you could invent a kind of current incorporating ‘gods’, but in true chaos magick they are really nothing more than constructed entities spawned from the energy of masses that believe in them. Almost an egregore of sorts. Not that this does not essentially make them every bit as powerful as many true autonomous entities.

I’m simply saying that the fuel of chaos magick is the human mind interracting with collective subconscious energies and archetypes. Nothing sinister.

I agree with you here 100%. This is probably one of the most common reasons magick of any current fails. User error.


Thats something Ive been wondering about,myself, heavily.

It brings up the age old question:
Are the Demons we summon egregores or are they truly Autonomous?

Intuition tells me that the experience of summoning a Truly autonomous being is completely different to what we have been doing


A solid question indeed. I truly think it is a mix of both. A good example is the Goetia. When people call on Astaroth, for example, I think some contact the actual being, while others encounter whatever perception of Astaroth has been cultivated over the years. Stolas is not even a demon; more of a high tier nature spirit, IMO, and way WAY too alien to be a construct of the human mind beyond the superficial.

I imagine so. This would be a good experiment. Summoning a being that is definitely known as egregoric, then summoning one that is (probably) not, then comparing the two. Hmmm, the Catholic YHWH might be a good start, as it is probably the most well known egregore these days.


It’s a bit of synchronicity that you’ve posted on this as I’ve been reading Advanced Magick for Beginners which has an interesting approach to the subject. On the subject of sigils, he suggests that sigils mean whatever you decide that they mean regardless of how they are generated. This explains why people successfully evoke their intended demon in spite of mistakenly using the wrong sigil. Something to think about. It’s definitely worth a read.

Gonna plug the book here


Totally concur that magical results arise from the strength of intent. That is magic in a nutshell.
You can use the wrong sigil/incense whatever it won’t matter a damn if your intent is clear and unbending. And, incidentally, using a complicated ritual won’t make up for a proper use of intent - this is why so many fail. There is so much misinformation about visualization/ complicated petitions / selecting the right pantheon etc. All you need is pure intent - to this extent Crowley was right - Love is the Law, love under will.